Patricia Burns’s Dark #1 (2014)

Bits of shark and a barrister’s wig: there is no mistaking Cross’s work

Second Sight: Light Work AIR2 by Doug DuBois, at Imma

Visual-art reviews: Photographs from a US-based Irish doctor are transforming Imma’s collection

Enclosed Ring Fort (1970) by Maria Simonds-Gooding

The Kerry-based artist is a singular figure

Student Franceska Alexander working at Lodestar School of Art. Photograph: Nora Duggan

Denis Farrell created the Lodestar school at the stunning Connemara location out of frustration with the drift of art education

Clockwise from far left, a work from ‘Circle in the Square’ by Marilyn Lerner; Cloud Tyvek by Max Streicher at St Mary’s; O by Karen Donnellan; and Róisín de Buitléar’s blown-glass musical instruments

In the visual arts strand, there is evidence of joined-up thinking in the inclusion of abstract painter Marilyn Lerner, sonic glas(...)

Parangolé P4 Cape 1 (1964). Photograph: Sergio Zalis

A retrospective of the late artist illuminates his remarkable artistic evolution

Pop Art pioneer: one of the images from Eduardo Paolozzi’s ‘General Dynamic FUN’ collection

Broad in scope and well presented, the exhibitions of Galway International Arts Festival reward visitors of all stripes

In John Kindness’s exhibition Odysseus, we find car bonnets, panels from electrical goods, toilet seats and old clothing pressed into service as supports for images painted, engraved or printed

Kindness cites James Joyce as his greatest influence, and he shares the writer’s fondness for building layers of meaning. His exhi(...)

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