Naomi Klein: “In some ways we displace our own cares onto our kids. We’re afraid for ourselves. But it’s more acceptable to say you care about it for your kids.”  Photograph: Ed Kashi.

When it comes to climate change, capitalism is the problem, says Canadian author and activist Naomi Klein

Justice League International: snarky, self-aware, mind-blowing

In celebration of a misspent youth, Patrick Freyne runs through his favourite superhero comics

Now you see me: Grant Gustin as The Flash

Get your cape, Patrick Freyne is forming a new Justice League

An exhibition in Russia has likened the ‘glorious achievements’ of Vladimir Putin to the labours of Hercules. We tried to do the s(...)

  Stephen Hawking giving a talk at this year’s Starmus Festival in Tenerife

At Starmus Festival in Tenerife, the superstars of science and megastars of music bring cosmology to earth

Patrick Freyne is tutored by baritone Rory Musgrave. Photograph: Patrick Browne

I know nothing about opera, but I’ve been sent to practise with professionals for the part of Papageno in The Magic Flute, which i(...)

This week, we learned that, ike wildebeest, business folk are easily spooked - at one point, a swagger of apprentices ran aimlessl(...)

Under the tree: Leo Crawford, chairman of Spar International. Photograph: Chris Bellew/Fennell
Spar wars

The owner of the Spar group has announced 50 new shops, adding to its 400-plus across the Republic. Does the spread of the conveni(...)

Bernard Sumner of New Order.  Photograph:  Yui Mok/PA

He took a bath on ‘Blue Monday’, lost a pile in the Hacienda and was part of a scene that has become music myth. Bernard Sumner of(...)

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