Fri, Nov 8, 2013, 00:00

There seems to be as many ways to read news headlines as there are actual news sources, from social networks to news apps, e-newsletters, and aggregating blogs and podcasts. Pulse, winner of the Apple Design Award, has been around for some time, but is now boasting some fresh updates. For those late to the party, it works like this: set up headline newsfeeds for numerous outlets based on your interests. The app is a list of categories (anything from music to sport to niche subjects within subjects). You can opt to get push notifications for breaking news and events based on the stories you read, as well as notices when new news sources emerge. Pulse works very well, but takes a little while to fine-tune; filtering American football from American news, for example. Since Pulse was bought by LinkedIn, it’s more deeply compatible with LinkedIn accounts. This makes it easier to let everyone in your business network to know, for example, how much you like kittens or sloth videos.

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