Prof Valeria Nicolosi and Prof Jonathan Coleman, whose teams are leading the charge on 2D materials at the Amber research centre at Trinity. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Trinity College Dublin is hosting a three-day meeting to discuss the possibilities for the latest in flat technology and its appli(...)

A general view of the Sellafield nuclear plant  in England. Photograph: Getty

Report finds people in Galway, Clare, Kerry at higher risk than those in Dublin or Midlands

On right, the tiny hedgehog previously unknown to science that lived in a British Columbia rainforest some 50 million years ago; left, an ancient relative of the modern tapir known as Heptodon. Image: Julius Csotonyi

Silvacola acares, or ‘tiny forest dweller’, measures just 5cm

David Finlay, Trinity College Dublin, and Orla O’Sullivan, of Teagasc, at the announcement of some ¤23 million in awards to early and mid-stage researchers through Science Foundation Ireland in Dublin today. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times.

Funding packages from Science Foundation Ireland range from €300,000 to €600,000

No one is talking about how these institutions are actually in the business of education and not the business of business

Skin is the largest organ of the body, and makes up about 15 per cent of our body weight. Photograph: Getty Images

Skin cancer causes almost 160 deaths a year in Ireland, and can be much more difficult to treat than other cancers, so why do so m(...)

Engineer Dr Henry Curran  was one of three NUI Galway academics included on the list.

Inclusion on the list means the person’s research is listed in the top 1 per cent for citations

Dr Emmanuelle Graciet, who is trying to counter plant diseases.   Photograph: Emma Moseley

What does the taxpayer get for funding research, you ask? Three researchers talk about their work on disease-resistant crops, bett(...)

Dr Alison Campbell: “Engaging with the business community means you have a greater chance to see your research having a broader impact.”

A new tech transfer body, KTI, will use novel ideas for exploiting research, says its head, Dr Alison Campbell

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