Bazinga: the trio of Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cucoco (centre) want $1 million each per show
The big bucks theory

The actors in the Big Bang Theory comedy show are about to become the highest paid in TV history, as shooting begins on an eighth (...)

Trevor Noah: a firm believer in the dictum that a comedian’s first and last purpose is to make people laugh and not be a hectoring, socially relevant buzz-kill

Having grown up in South Africa with a black mother and white father, comedian Trevor Noah has a wide perspective on life

US television presenter Adam Richman before and after his weight-loss dieting, which led to him losing more than 27kg before he posted a photo of himself online with the hashtag #thinspiration.

A US television host’s inadvertent use of the controversial hashtag has sparked a heated debate

Philosophers’ Mail: “Rupert Murdoch avoids therapy; world unhappy”. Photograph: AP/Julie Jacobson

The ‘Philosophers’ Mail’, edited by Alain de Botton, re-examines some lowest common denominators

How Thicke can you get? Reports that someone in Ireland bought a copy by mistake remain unconfirmed

After recent live Twitter Q&A, Blurred Lines singer's fall from commercial and critical grace looks complete

Live wire: Bob Marley onstage in London in 1980

Once a crucial part of an artist’s career, these days the live album is all but extinct

USA goalkeeper Tim Howard: The positive aspect of Tourette’s is that a lot of people with the condition have unusually swift reactions. Photograph: EPA/Guillaume Horcajuelo

He has made the most saves in a World Cup match. Having Tourette’s may have helped

Surely it can’t all be down to the fact that he’s nice, bright, white and middle-class . . .

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