Angry Birds Go

Fri, Dec 20, 2013, 00:00

The Angry Birds have broken out of the mold and are off karting. And the end result isn’t half bad. Angry Birds Go is a fun addition to Rovio’s franchise, putting the birds behind the wheel and pitting them against everything from the pigs to the clock. Each character has its own special power, which you get one free shot at per race. Controls are touch or tilt to steer; acceleration is automatic as you try to smash fruit or avoid the odd ice block. Rovio has opted for the free-to-download model, which inevitably means that there are plenty of in-app purchases, but it’s possible to avoid them. You can unlock additional karts with real money or build up your in-game currency. There are timers for your characters; play them too often and they’ll need a rest,or you can pay to revive them. There are nods to the original Angry Birds throughout the race, from the slingshot start to the iceblock obstacles around the track. A fun take on a favourite.

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