Pat Kenny at the Marker Hotel, Grand Canal Square for the announcement that he will host a new television show on UTV Ireland.   Dublin. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

Programme is ‘a blank canvas’, says ex-RTÉ presenter

If, like me, you were young and impressionable when you first saw the film, its importance, and that of Robin Williams, chart off(...)

Bottles of Penfolds: one of the brands owned byTreasury Wine Estates.  Photograph: David Gray/Reuters
Planet Business

This week: Wine battle, absent retailers and ‘last blockbuster syndrome’

TalkSport has the exclusive rights to provide official live commentary on all 380 English Premier League matches in any language to listeners around the world, excluding the UK and Republic of Ireland. Photograph: PA

UTV Media-owned radio station says agreement makes it an international brand

‘News of the World’: author Nick Davies did the most to expose  criminality and cover-up at the tabloid

‘Hack Attack’, the new book by Nick Davies, is a brilliant account of tabloid power games

Setanta’s Brian Quinn: Setanta has “a good relationship with BT”, he says, and “we would like that relationship to continue”

Subscription offers help, but a good year for Manchester United would also be welcome

Glen Killane, MD RTE Television. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Glen Killane warns of programme cuts if the broadcaster’s future funding is not secured

TV time:  AC Nielsen holds the contract for the measurement of television ratings in Ireland

Consumer marketing business paid a €13.5m dividend to a Dutch holding company in 2013 homepage: the main corporate site for the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

The broadcasting regulator wants a new site and the telecoms watchdog wants a web ‘experience’ strategy

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