Northern Ireland First Minister Robinson today with Orange, unionist and loyalist leaders addressing a meeting today at Ballymacarrett Orange hall in east Belfast. Photograph: Gerry Moriarty/The Irish Times

Orangemen to stage series of protests on Saturday over banning of Ardoyne route

Undated handout photos of the eight-man IRA unit killed in a shoot out with SAS soldiers following the bombing of the Loughgall RUC station, County Armagh, in May 1987, (clockwise from top left) Gerard O’Callaghan, 29, Antony Gormley, 25, James Lynagh, 32, Eugene Kelly, 25, Declan Arthurs, 21, Patrick McKerney, 32, Seamus Donnelly, 21 and Patrick Kelly, 25. Photograph: PA Wire

AG says citing national security is ‘profoundly wrong in principle’

His Irishness makes room for ‘open and fluid relationship with Britishness’

Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May: announced an  inquiry yesterday following allegations of an establishment cover-up of a child paedophile ring operating at Westminster. Photograph: Luke MacGregor/Reuters

Amnesty, Sinn Fein and Alliance says claims MI5 and British Ministry of Defence knew of abuse at home must be investigated

A screen grab showing the image requested for the cake taken from a Christian Institute video. Photograph: YouTube/Christian Institute

Company says order featuring Bert and Ernie clashed with Christian beliefs

Alasdair McDonnell:
“The situation in Northern Ireland has become volatile and, with threats of a ‘graduated response’ from unionism that will affect government and politics, could get worse.” Photograph: Brian Lawless/PA

Unionists preparing next response to Parades Commission ban on return Orange march past Ardoyne shops

 Drew Nelson, grand secretary of the  Orange Lodge: “Whatever the outcome of our deliberations as an institution, I would again underline that any actions must be both lawful and peaceful. Our traditions are dear to us and are only undermined by violence.”  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Order and politicians plan response to decision banning march past Ardoyne shops

Thousands gathered in city centre Belfast today for the Rally for Life demonstration. Photograph: Gerry Moriarty

Rally for Life says lives of the unborn must be protected at all stages

Act of loyalty: bonfire on the Shankill Road. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty

Despite a surge in the number of parades and marching bands, loyalists perceive their culture to be under siege from a growing C(...)

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