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This week: Exploding airbags, perishing Christmas trees and a deflating euro zone

 The X Factor:  viewers who up until now could choose between UTV and TV3 may find that the latter has become their only option for programmes such as The X Factor

Broadcaster says it is ‘feeling good’ about new shows and time-shift channel

RTÉ Television managing director Glen Killane: “The only thing that’s dragged me away from RTÉ is House of Cards.” Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Head of RTÉ TV Glen Killane talks ‘Love/Hate’, budget squeezes and digital viewing

Today FM chief executive Peter McPartlin

Executives study possible alternative to survey method of measuring listenership

On Iarnród Éireann trains there are six million wifi sessions every year across Dart and intercity journeys

‘Infotainment’ portal on login among the commercial opportunities to be examined by CIÉ

Number of people working in the business has increased 25%, trade body says

Notable innings: Irving Berlin (right), who lived to 101, with Judy Garland and Louis B Mayer. Photograph: Ann Ronan/Print Collector/Getty

We’d like to bring you a list of top tips for long life, but they’re a bit hard to pin down

Photograph: Reuters / Kim Kyung-Hoon.
Planet Business

This week: a roaring retail Tiger, the ‘gold referendum’ and notorious shopping days

For media groups with confidence in their content, it’s all about ‘attention metrics’ now

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