The Obama administration has begun a crackdown designed to curb tax avoidance by US companies moving to low-tax countries with new rules aimed at stemming the pace of “corporate inversions”. Photograph:  Shawn Thew/EPA.

Obama approves rules to stem pace of ‘tax inversions’ that will affect Irish-linked deals

The advance of Islamic State. Map: Irish Times Premedia/Reuters

Scores killed as warplanes and ship-launched Tomahawk cruise missiles strike

United Nations secretary general Ban ki-Moon arrives to a meeting with Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif  at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Photograph: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Rise of Islamic State adds fresh impetus to talks on Tehran’s nuclear programme

Sean Dunne:  has sought to withdraw his US bankruptcy case on the basis that he has also been adjudicated a bankrupt in Ireland and that creditors would be adequately protected in the Irish bankruptcy alone. Photograph:   Steve Miller

Nama claims developer seeking to pull case over failure to produce financial records

Former US president Bill Clinton talks with his daughter Chelsea after she addressed the Clinton Global Initiative in New York. The meeting has become more of a Clinton family affair in recent years. Photograph: Ray Stubblebine/EPA

Gerry Adams, Mary Robinson and Denis O’Brien will be at Clinton Global Initiative

US ambassador to Ireland Kevin O’Malley speaking with Missouri senator Claire McCaskill at confirmation hearing before the Senate foreign relations committee in July.

A ‘strongly worded’ letter sent from the influential philanthropic group to US Senate

Festival fun: the South By Southwest music, film and technology festival in Austin earlier this year – “Keep Austin Weird!” has become a catch-all calling card for the city which attracts musicians and software coders, political liberals and start-up entrepreneurs. Photograph: Darrell Craig Harris/Getty Images

Ireland will be the first EU country to set up a consulate in Austin and only the second internationally

Captured Viet Cong prisoners being moved by US marines in March 1965, during the Vietnam war. A new documentary on the last days of the war sheds light on the calamitous errors made by US president Gerald Ford’s administration. Photograph: Rolls Press/Popperfoto/Getty Images

America Letter: ‘Last Days in Vietnam’ shows risks in retreat from conflict without strategy

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