Artist and teacher Cathy Dineen, who is an avid walker and benefits from ‘the long think’ she has while out walking, says her pieces have been influenced by the techniques of icon painting

The ‘Solvitur Ambulando’ exhibition showing at the Grennan Mill Craft School in Kilkenny presents experiences, events and storie(...)

Published: July 8th, 1989 Photograph: Jack McManus

Published: July 18th , 1954 Photograph by Dermot Barry

Published: August 8th, 1981 Photograph by Peter Thursfield

Alex Miller: roll on novel number 12. Photograph: Eric Luke

Review: it seems nigh on impossible to reveal anything about the plot without giving away too much

Published: July 21st, 1955

Author Jung Chang talking to Peter Florence about ‘Empress Dowager Cixi: The Concubine who launched modern China’ at the Hay Festival Kells, Co Meath. Photograph: Clodagh Kilcoyne

Louis de Bernieres and Jung Chang among authors to read at Co Meath event

Joe O’Connell looking at a painting of Samuel Beckett at the Hay Festival Kells, Co Meath, which has returned for a second year. Photograph: Clodagh Kilcoyne

In person, Jeremy Paxman is as bossy and opinionated – although not as tall – as you would expect

Romanian communist party general secretary and president Nicolae Ceaucescu in Bucharest on November 20th, 1989, addressing party members. He and his wife Elena were executed by firing squad in December that year. Photograph: Gerard Fouet/AFP/Getty Images

Carmen Bugan’s memoir relates a tale of psychological cruelty after her father was imprisoned by Romania’s secret police

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