Chinese president Xi Jinping: Leading institutional reforms. Photograph: Reuters/Diego Azubel

Move follows growing complaints about country’s secretive legal processes

Stephen Cunningham who cycled to Beijing  from Dublin in aid of Crumlin children’s hospital

Marketing analyst Stephen Cunningham raised €60,000 on 14,000km journey

US secretary of state John Kerry: “He is like a ferocious wolf pretending to be a benevolent sheep,” said North Korea’s National Defence Commission. Photograph: EPA/Jason Reed

Pyongyang personal attack cites US secretary of state’s ‘hideous lantern jaw’

Chinese police have arrested nearly 1,000 suspected members of a religious cult known as the Church of Almighty God, or Eastern Light, as part of a major crackdown, state media has reported. Photograph: Getty

Arrests come after five members charged with killing of a woman in a McDonald’s

A Uyghur Muslim muezzin uses a bullhorn to call the evening prayers in Kashgar. Photograph: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Fifteen officials censured in Xinjiang province

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