Jenny Huston: ‘I dislike paying for massive advertising campaigns on simple products and I am quite happy to buy lesser known, better value Irish items in Lidl or Aldi, for example.’ Photograph: Arthur Carron

‘Shopping online is a dream: click, pay and delivery in a day or two. Joy!’

There is a very happy and noisy Irish rock band this week, and its name is New Secret Weapon.

Karine Polwart: ‘Over the years, when you add all the songs together, of course you’re writing about yourself. And they say a lot about me, so no surprises there’

The Scottish folk singer-songwriter, who plays at Temple Bar TradFest, says the great joy in traditional music is in reading betwe(...)

Four years after 'Biophilia', Bjork returns with 'Vulnicura', an an emotional chronology of the singer’s relationship with American artist Matthew Barney

The Icelandic star is the latest to drop an album without warning, and it’s a triumph

Clare Devereux: ‘I’m definitely a spender by nature but, as a saver, I have become much better in the last few years. I think since I became a mother my priorities have changed!’

‘Online is a great tool, but you really can’t beat trying something in the flesh’

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