Current market conditions attract lots of commentators prepared to spot another period of insanity

“The Department of Finance, the Central Bank and the Fiscal Advisory Council devote an awful lot of precious public sector resources to economic forecasting. Just stop.” Photograph: Frank Miller

Opinion: like most bad habits, forecasting is hard to give up

Noonan tells us that we are sitting on a small pot if gold, called AIB bank, worth about €11 billion

Britain’s relationship with the EU is increasingly fragile, as the recent BBC debates  between UKIP leader Nigel Farage and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg demonstrated

A UK exit plan from the EU is worked out in prize-winning report

Some researchers  contend that if we are to find the money for more education, it would be much better spent at an earlier stage

Columnist Chris Johns says debate on funding of Irish higher education should be welcomed

It is remarkable that Mario Draghi has got the governing council of the ECB to start talking about QE and to agree to use it. Photograph: Bloomberg

The ECB seems to be slowly but surely following the lead of the UK and US

While rising house prices might make us feel more financially secure, for the most part this seeming rise in wealth has zero impact on the economy as a whole.

The illusion of rising prosperity that comes from higher house prices still grips us

Otmar Issing, former ECB chief economist: claims that everything would be fine if everyone balanced their budgets and stopped asking for bailouts. Photograph: John MacDougall/AFP

Putin’s Crimean adventure may have brought a coherence and unity to European thinking that recession and high unemployment could n(...)

A child pauses by the emblem of a Ukrainian military base as a pro-Russian soldier walks behind the main gate in Perevalne, Crimea. photograph: vadim ghirda/ap

The West must show unity in dealing with Russia over Ukraine and find alternative sources of energy

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