Wall Street overwhelmingly backed Mitt Romney in 2012, and invested heavily in Republicans once again this year. Photograph: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

A key provision of Dodd-Frank has been reversed thanks to Wall Street’s Congress

“We can now say with confidence the recovery’s weakness had nothing to do with Obama’s alleged anti-business slant”

Things finally looking better for American workers but this improvement comes after years of suffering

German chancellor Angela Merkel and German minister of finance Wolfgang Schaeuble. EPA/RAINER JENSEN

Euro zone’s largest economy is effectively exporting deflation to its neighbours

The US Federal Reserve in Washington, DC. ‘We were also told repeatedly that printing money would lead to ‘currency debasement and inflation’. The Fed, to its credit, stood up to this pressure, but other central banks didn’t.’ Photograph: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Opinion: those whose doctrines failed reality test refuse to admit error, let alone learn

Surely the exploding costs of Obamacare would lead to vast amounts of red ink, right? Well, no. Photograph:  Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

When the Ebola freak-out was at its peak, it wasn’t just a disease but a political metaphor

The Affordable Care Act tries to establish more-or-less universal coverage through a “three-legged stool” of policies, all of which are needed to make the system work

Consequences if Supreme Court suit were to prevail would be grotesque

 Ben Bernanke had the courage to defy all those tycoons demanding that they stop printing money. Photograph: Reuters/Jim Young

Success in business does not seem to convey any special insight into economic policy

You can get a sense of the ideology at work in some of the documents produced by House Republicans under the leadership of Paul Ryan. Photograph: Aaron Bernstein/Reuters

Nowadays we simply won’t invest even when the need is obvious

Amazon overwhelmingly dominates online book sales, with a market share comparable to Standard Oil’s share of the refined oil market  in 1911. Photograph:  Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Book sales depend on word of mouth and online retailer has power to kill buzz

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