People attend a memorial service and vigil at Birmingham Cathedral to mark 40 years since the Birmingham pub bombings in 1974. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Memorial marked the moment the first of the bombs went off in 1974

Newly elected Ukip MP Mark Reckless, who took
   42 per cent of the vote in the Rochester and Strood byelection
. Photograph:  Rob Stothard/Getty Images

Question is whether more Tories will jump in case they fall to Ukip surge in May

The destroyed interior of the Mulberry Bush pub in November 1974 after an IRA bomb exploded. Photograph: Press Association

Hundreds gather to remember those killed and injured in pub blasts 40 years ago

Firemen at one of the Birmingham blast sites in 1974. Photograph: Press Association

What exactly happened in that infamous sequence of events 40 years ago?

The bacterial counts from jet-air dryers were 4.5  times higher than around warm-air dryers, but 27 times higher compared with the air circulating in the bathroom when paper towels were used

Latest generation of ‘jet-air’ dryers far worse for spreading germs than ‘warm-air’ models

Firemen survey the damage outside the Tavern in the Town pub in Birmingham, after an IRA bomb blast. The firemen quickly counted the injured, deciding they needed 40 ambulances for the tavern alone. But there were no ambulances.  Photograph: Wesley/Keystone/Getty Images

IRA pub bombings in 1974 killed 21 people and injured over 180 others

British prime minister David Cameron: insisted he was “very confident” the pledge on Scottish devolution he made with Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg would be met. Photograph: PA Wire

London Letter: nationalists nurse sense of grievance that promises will not be honoured

Mark Reckless, UKIP candidate for Rochester and Strood, is surrounded by the media as he visits Hoo Riverside near Rochester on the final day of campaigning.

Easy win expected for former Tory MP despite immigration row

Alex Salmond and first minister-in-waiting Nicola Sturgeon after he stepped down from office yesterday. Photograph: PA

‘Parting is tinged with some sorrow,’ says Scottish first minister as he leaves

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