A US court order to Microsoft to produce emails held in the company’s big European Data Centre in Ireland has profound implications

Emails in a cloud claimed to hover over Ireland have triggered a legal wrangle with many implications

The part of Obama’s plan of greatest interest to Silicon Valley is the overhaul of the H1B work visa programme and the potential for an entrepreneur’s visa. Photograph: Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg

The new order in the US opens up various possibilities for business owners

Study commissioned by Microsoft as it prepares to challenge US order for handover of Irish-held data

Emmet Savage and John Tyrrell of Rubicoin aim to offer a jargon-free investing experience. Photograph: Tony Kinlan

Rubicoin is for people who want to invest but without the jargon and paperwork

The Uber app: The car-sharing service got caught in a row with journalists after a senior executive Emil Michael  suggested the firm would hire people in particular to dig up dirt on PandoDaily editor Sarah Lacy.

Time for testosterone-fuelled Silicon Valley ‘Jobs Narrative’ to be disrupted

Fighting talk: Stewart Baker, former general counsel of the US’s National Security Agency, pulls no punches when talking about whistleblower Edward Snowden and the journalists who worked with him. Photograph: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Guardian News and Media

Stewart Baker is forthright and aggressive in his defence of data-gathering

While consumers are gradually reducing their use of email as a communications medium with friends and family, consumer usage of email is actually still growing

Electronic onslaught does not persuade about occasional predictions of death of email

Most frustrating is the low representation of women as speakers

Karlin Lillington: “The summit has about doubled in size each year, with a matching expansion of what is on offer”

Is Dunnhumby’s fine-tuned data analysis the way of the retail future, or will it be resisted?

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