The Green Platform

Declan Coyle. BallpointPress. €14.99

Mon, Nov 18, 2013, 10:11


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The green platform


Declan Coyle

Ballpoint Press

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In this book, leadership coach Declan Coyle sets out his ideas on how to have a more happy and productive career and life. The book draws on his experience with CEOs, management teams and sports stars and his understanding of psychology.

Removing the forces of negativity and shifting from the “red platform” to the “green platform” is the key to success, he says. The stories that we tell ourselves about what is happening in our lives are the realities that we choose to bring into our lives – but we have choices. Our experiences in life are not about events but on how we interpret these events. Coyle talks about a white space where we have the power to choose our responses. This is a storytelling space where we make decisions about the meaning of events. For many of us the default position is negative where we choose a disempowering meaning . When we choose this disaster storyline there is a septic tank of sabotage underneath the Red Platform waiting to disempower us and makes us feel bad, he says.

A well-crafted and engaging book, it contains a mixture of anecdotes, lessons from leaders and philosophers and tools for a more positive way of experiencing life.