A US stealth bomber approaches for mid-air refuelling: stealth aircraft are one of the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s biggest success stories. Photograph: Reuters/Hyungwon Kang

Darpa has been successfully backing innovative research for the US for five decades

A worker waits to connect a drill bit on Endeavor Energy Resources LP’s Big Dog Drilling Rig 22 in the Permian basin outside of Midland, Texas. Of all the booming US oil regions set soaring by a drilling renaissance in shale rock, the Permian and Bakken basins are among the most vulnerable to lower oil prices. Photograph: Brittany Sowacke/Bloomberg

The price of oil continues to plummet and threatens to spoil economic growth in the Lone Star State, the likes of which haven’t be(...)

LogoGrab chief executive Luca Boschin and chief technical officer Alessandro Prest: making instant brand image recognition possible

Italian tech firm in Ireland may have the right mix – and help – to make it

Domestic disrupter: learning thermostat Nest – recently acquired by Google

The technology already exists to create smart and connected thermostats which offer massive opportunities for energy efficiency (...)

Ageism in business and entrepreneurship most certainly exists, particularly in sectors like tech and innovation

Ageism in entrepreneurship is a problem but things are improving in the world of startups thanks in part to the financial crisis (...)

One historical example of biophilic design in Ireland is Christchurch Cathedral. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Biophilic design aims to make our buildings ‘evolve’ in a more natural way

Opponents of fracking during a rally across the street from the White House in Washington. photograph: mandel ngan/afp

Denton officials say hydraulic fracturing constitutes a public rights obstruction

A grasshopper burger topped with dried grasshoppers and mealworms: a gram of beef contains the same amount of protein as a gram of crickets. photograph: karen bleier/afp/getty images

People in Africa and Asia have recognised the nutritional value of insects for centuries. But can we learn to love the taste of in(...)

Man it up on Inis Meáin this December 31st

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