Get the best from your people

High potential. Ian MacRea, Adrian Furnham. Bloomsbury Publishing. €29.99

Mon, Apr 28, 2014, 01:00


Book Title:
High Potential


Ian MacRea

Bloomsbury Publishing

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Sub-titled How to spot, manage and develop talented people at work , it is written by two psychologists and provides guidance on how to get the best from your people.

A book that ranges over a wide number of human resource management issues, it outlines the skills necessary for understanding and defining potential, high flying personality traits to watch out for and weeding out traits like manipulation, superficial charm or narcissism and managing high-potential employees and their careers.

One of the more interesting chapters is entitled The Dark side and Derailment; Knavery and Flattery . Three forms of leadership derailment are identified. Toxic leaders who can create, come from and enter toxic situations. They know what they are doing and can create a culture around themselves that supports their own vision and objectives.

Colluding followers are also necessary for the toxic leader to secure their position and such leaders are happy to capitalise on others’ ambitions. A third element supporting toxic leaders is a threatening environment. They thrive as perceptions of external threats make people more eager to accept extreme solutions. When large numbers of people are uncertain or feel threatened, unscrupulous leaders can swoop in and take control, the authors note.