A ruby-throated hummingbird

All birds lack sweet taste perception. So why do hummingbirds gravitate towards nectar?

ESA’s team of astronaut trainers in the caves of Sardinia preparing for Caves 2014, a two-week course for astronauts to get to grips with living in extreme conditions

It turns out that caves are good for space training. But how?

‘Raindrop’ by Alistair McClymont, part of the ‘Strange Weather’ exhibition at the Science Gallery

A forthcoming event at the Dublin venue is all about ‘battening down the hatches and imagining you are trapped in a storm’

Mind what you say near bags of crisps

Researchers have shown how it is possible to ‘eavesdrop’ by filming vibrations on objects such as crisp packets

Liberian nurses carry the body of an Ebola victim from a home in the Banjor Community on the outskirts of Monrovia, Liberia. Photograph: EPA/AHMED JALLANZO

Derry-born scientist Dr Christopher Logue will travel to Guinea to help diagnose patients infected with the virus

A stuffed great horned owl

Two animal exhibitions are on show at the UCC venue

Remains at the prehistoric site at Al Khiday, central Sudan

Studies on ancient remains suggest that prehistoric people had a detailed understanding of plants long before agriculture

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