Book review: Lead Truly

Patrick Gogniat. Xlibris. €16.99

Mon, Nov 18, 2013, 10:04


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Lead truly


Patrick Gogniat


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Subtitled the 33 basics to achieve true leadership, author Gogniat notes that the principle of leadership has been present in the world for around 200,000 years and that all leaders have lived by precise rules, either consciously or unconsciously. This book, he says, is the result of his life experiences and research and takes the form of short lessons and rules.

While there is no doubting the sincerity of the author, many readers will find these rules simplistic and patronising and the book is surprisingly short on words, let alone original thinking. Some of the page spreads contain as little as two or three lines, with every second page a blank designed for “notes”.

You must achieve something and lead in something in life, he says, so find a niche activity and be the leader in that niche.

Everyone should answer these questions: am I leading in my profession or what profession can I lead in; what can I change so that I truly lead in this profession; and/or what other areas can I achieve and lead in?

To lead, you have to remain positive through hard times, and display the ability to fight and take risks.