A consultant came in to see the woman. They had a candid discussion on her end-stage heart disease, which I overheard and could now match with her full name

Medical information is considered sensitive personal data – except in examination rooms

Stephen Brobst: “I want to know every click and every search that led up to that purchase. . . interactions are orders of magnitude larger than the transactions. . . the interactions give you the behaviour.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Even Barack Obama goes to this supremely qualified big data expert for advice

Apple’s tax arrangements in Ireland made international headlines. Photograph: Mark Lennihan/AP

Apple's profits might bypass tax coffers of the US and UK, but it doesn’t mean the money is gone

The original complaint, taken by Austrian law student Max Schrems (above) against Irish Data Protection Commissioner Billy Hawkes (below), argues that the DPC took the wrong decision in refusing to investigate whether Schrems’s Facebook data was given adequate protection

Max Schrems’s case against the Irish Data Protection Commissioner is likely to have profound implications

A generation has grown up never having had the pleasure of a crystal clear line.

Blaming technology - skype, iPods and more - for sliding down the quality slope

A year of revelations from Edward Snowden about the secretive mass data-gathering activities of the UK’s secretive spy agency GCHQ hang as a grotesque background to the UK proposals

Privacy advocates Digital Rights Ireland succeeded in challenging Irish data retention laws

The Intel jingle and artefacts of the firm’s evolution make for a compelling display

The UK Ordnance Survey offer custom maps centred on a postcode, place or grid reference number. Photograph: Francis Bradley

Using mobile data abroad is due to fall by 2016 but I won’t give up on my paper maps

Thee Irish-Silicon Valley relationship has changed - the balance has shifted.

Founders of tomorrow’s big names are talking up Ireland

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