A crowd cheers Nelson Mandela in 2000 as he prepares to be conferred with an honorary degree at Trinity College Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke

President Higgins’ visit to South Africa ‘might be a catalyst’, says apartheid museum director

The Mairia Cahill case has caused ‘intense suffering’ among survivors as ‘memories of their own abuse are triggered’, Maeve Lewis of One in Four has said.

Care needed not to put undue pressure on victims to come forward, One in Four says

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 Trust, a social and health agency working with the homeless, assisted people of 15 nationalities in a recent week. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

‘Those who work with outsiders can be made feel outsiders themselves’

Bishop Kieran O’Reilly  succeeds Archbishop Dermot Clifford as Archbishop of Cashel and Emly. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

Bishop Kieran O’Reilly brings ‘a perspective from his wide experience of mission in Africa’

People react positively at a watch party as US president Barack Obama outlines his executive actions on immigration in a televised address at Casa de Maryland in Hyattsville, US. Photograph: Jabin Botsford/ New York Times

‘A welcome relief to millions of families living in fear’

Walk will mark beginning of liturgical year and seven Christian faiths set to take part

President Michael D Higgins throws the ball in to start the South Africa Gaels Blitz final match with Keith O’Leary of ESB International on the fourteenth day of the President’s 22-day visit to Ethiopia, Malawi and South Africa. Photograph: Chris Bellew/Fennell

The President throws in the ball for a very special Gaelic football match in South Africa

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