Renault has lent to over 12,000 Irish motorists since it introduced its banking arm to Ireland.

French car firm’s banking arm has lent to 12,000 Irish car buyers since 2011. Bank also passed ECB stress tests.

Interior of new Opel Corsa takes many cues from Opel Adam

Big news is addition of firm’s three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine to the range

Ciarán McMahon, currently Ford’s national sales director, will replace Eddie Murphy as managing director of Ford Ireland from January 1st, 2015

After 14 years at the helm of Ford in Ireland, Eddie Murphy is retiring as chairman and managing director. Ciarán McMahon, curren(...)

Audi’s A4: nearly 3,000 are being recalled  in Ireland over a potential airbag problem

Problems relate to front airbags that may not inflate correctly in the event of a crash

Volkswagen are recalling 1,256 Polo 1.2 TDIs built between 2010 and 2014 over potential fuel leaks

Manufacturer issues alert over 1,256 Polo 1.2 TDI diesel cars and 117 Skodas over potential issue with fuel lines

Renault Twingo: star car for city streets

Renault has added some panache to the new version of its reliable model

New electric version will arrive next Spring with prices in the region of €35,000 after grants

A late arrival on the European market, the new Mondeo, powered by Microsoft Sync, still has a certain tech excitement

New Audi RS7 on the Hockenheimring with autonomous-driving technology

It was a race between a driverless RS7 and one with a human at the wheel. Driveless car won by 5 seconds.

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