Exports down 9% in April, while imports fell 23%


Exports fell by 9 per cent in April while imports were down 23 per cent, according to new figures from the Central Statistics Office.

The trade surplus was €3.43 billion, up from €3.11 billion in March but down from €3.81 billion in January.

The data shows seasonally adjusted exports were down by €713 million in April compared to March, the lowest figure since March 2010. Overall, exports were at €6.99 billion at the end of April, as against €7.7 billion in March and €8.31 billion in January.

Imports declined by €1.03 billion for the same period, the lowest figure since November 2010.

Overall, imports totalled €3.56 billion at the end of April, compared to €4.59 billion for the previous month.

For the first four months of 2012 exports amounted to €30.6 billion and imports €16.9 billion, representing a trade surplus of €13.7 billion.

The EU accounted for €4.18 billion, or 59 per cent, of total exports in April, with Belgium and Britain accounting for 30 per cent of all exports.