The Dublin company has just completed the deployment of its technology across 850 devices at 289 beds across three new University of California medical centre units

Money raised will drive expansion of Dublin hospital tech company in the key north American market

Former Waterford Crystal workers and their representatives are due great credit for their persistence in the face of the indifference of successive governments to their plight. Photograph: Eric Luke

Analysis: persistence secured €178m package despite years of official indifference

Each parent can give their child €3,000 free of gift tax each year

Q&A: Gifts to under-sevens; the pension levy decrease; public service pension reduction (PSPR)

The Irish Times said it had decided to wind down and close the existing defined benefit scheme and replace it with a defined contribution model.

Company to meet gap in funding under proposal that will see staff move to defined contribution model

David McCann of Fyffes: calculating your capital gain when the shares you hold relate to a different corporate structure to the one in which you investedis not straightforward. Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

Q&A: Dominic Coyle answers your questions

The law firm  says proposals to tighten rules governing gifts from parents to their adult children will prove unworkable in their current form.

Law firm believes proposed amendment would have unfair impact

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