BMW has joined forces with the  Ted conference  to identify pioneering mobility ideas.

Those with brightest ideas will get to speak at Ted conference in New York

Skoda’s new Vision E concept: offers a glimpse at a new production crossover on the way

New crossover concept Vision E follows on from success of Kodiaq and should worry rivals

As the motor company marks its centenary in Ireland this year, we look back at the life of founder Henry Ford

Thomas Pringle: “The truth of the matter is that the banks are not interested in addressing the needs of communities. They will always be driven by profit margin”

Independent TD Thomas Pringle says An Post identified 265 post offices as non-viable

Luca De Meo, chief executive officer of Seat SA, says “we have one structural advantage which is we are part of the VW Group so in fact we can access state-of-the-art technology”. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

De Meo says the focus is on luring younger tech-savvy buyers to a range of cars that offer high levels of online connectivity

Over the coming months the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission will be conducting unannounced inspections of motor garages across the country

Consumers who have been misled about a car are encouraged to contact the CCPC

The number of new private cars taxed for the first time fell 14.5 per cent in March compared to the same month last year.

CSO figures suggest pre-registrations concealing troubled state of car market

The new Seat Ibiza has already picked up design awards

New supermini is built on the latest derivative of the VW Group’s award-winning platform

The BMW 5 Series event at Mondello showcased the best of the new car’s attributes

Can the new BMW hold off the challenge from the Mercedes-Benz E-Class?

Kia Rio: Its brief from head office in Seoul is to be a sporty and youthful but   instead of funky you get ample practicality

Functional rather than funky supermini misses a trick in market where styling is key

Opel’s plant at Rüsselsheim: Each worker is expected to complete up to 7,830 tasks during their shift.

Nearly 800 cars roll off the line each day as staff convert metal shells into shiny marques

The new Opel Insignia is now sleeker in profile and  less imposing than the current Mondeo

The lighter model really puts it up to rivals and manages to be very competitive in price

Audi Ireland’s Henning Dohrn: “We will have three fully electric vehilces on the market by 2020” Photograph: Alan Rowlette

While self-drive and electric cars are imminent, people don’t want to buy cars online

Vovlo CEO Hakan Samuelsson at the launch of the new Volvo XC60 at the Geneva motor show earlier this month: “When it comes to autonomous cars, people will think twice before they really sit back and relax and watch a movie.” Photograph: Denis Balibouse/Reuters

Game changer Hakan Samuelsson is betting big on the self-driving revolution

Matthias Mueller, chief executive officer of Volkswagen,  launching Cedric, a self-driving car. Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Shows like Geneva are palaces of promises, mainly around electric and self-drive cars

Vovlo chief executive Hakan Samuelsson at a presentation of the new Volvo XC60 car during the 87th International Motor Show at Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland. Photograph: Denis Balibouse/Reuters

Volvo, Opel, Honda and Ford were among the majors showcasing cars to the industry

Audi’s new Q8 concept

RSQ8 with its 476hp hybrid engine is cool, but our hearts are stolen by the 450hp RS5…

Top Gear’s Chris Harris leads a discussion on the future of driving and performance cars in the age of autonomous motoring

On eve of Geneva motor show Top Gear’s Chris Harris leads a discussion on the future of driving in an autonomous world

Peugeot 3008: Chief executive Jean-Philippe Imparato with  trophy  next to the 2017 European car of the year. Photograph: Alain Grosclaude/AFP/Getty Images

New French crossover pips the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The Hyundai Ioniq scored impressively in two test categories. It was a joint best performer in the  automatic emergency braking test and recorded the fastest 0-60km/h time in the snow, with a time of 8.2 seconds

In trying conditions in Finland, only Mercedes and Volvo models achieve a perfect score

Recall covers certain A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class and CLA cars and GLA and GLC SUVs

Recall covers certain A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class and CLA cars and GLA and GLC SUVs

Toyota is the best-selling brand this year with 6,156 new registrations, taking a slight lead over Hyundai with 6,033.

February figures shows 17,128 new car registrations, down 21% on same month in 2016

The nominees: Nissan Micra, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Citroen C3, Toyota C-HR, Volvo S90, Peugeot 3008 and Mercedes E-Class. Photograph: Alexander Babic

We look at features and flaws before the winners are revealed at the Geneva Motor Show

Five-star Land Rover knows how to drive in any terrain and still keep you comfortable

The Toyota C-HR: worth the wait

This stylish crossover is a premium player at a mainstream competitive price

The Golf GTI Clubsport has the extra punch that should have been delivered by the “regular” GTi

Menacing hot hatch delivers right mix of performance, refinement and fun behind the wheel

Hyundai was the best-selling new car brand in January, ahead of rivals Toyota, Ford and VW, while Mercedes-Benz pulled ahead of Audi and BMW in the luxury car bracket. Photograph: SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg

39,019 new cars sold in January as motor industry warns of bumpy year ahead survey of 4,000 motorists reveals the car brands Irish buyers love and hate

More than two-thirds (68 per cent) of motorists support the introduction of 30km/h speed limits in city centre areas. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Survey shows many drivers blame badly run insurance firms for premium rises

On the loose snow and ice the GT86’s rear tail can be swung like a pendulum with the merest input of throttle and the flick of the wheel

Where better to test Toyota’s latest rear-wheel drive sports car than on the snow and ice of the Arctic Circle

SUV crossover is a premium model, but will car buyers find it too dear for a ‘small’ car?

A Volkswagen car dealership in San Diego, California: Along with a $4.3bn settlement  with the US justice department and EPA,  VW will plead guilty to charges, including wire fraud and violating the US Clean Air Act. Photograph: Reuters/Mike Blake

Volkwagen is paying out billions in the US while playing hardball in Europe

Unofficial figures show 15,554 new 171 registrations up to close of business on Tuesday, up from 14,889 last year.

Over 15,500 171 registrations over first 10 days of year as Hyundai returns as top brand

Korean hybrid’s interior trim is smart and clean and its controls are simple and intuitive

Fuel-efficient Niro proves a viable option for diesel motorists ready to make the switch

Toyota overtook its rivals to become the best-selling new car brand of 2016.

Total Irish sales up 17.5% last year with 146,672 new cars on the road in 2016

Renault Ireland Ltd saw growth in both new vehicle sales and spare parts in 2015

French car brand saw turnover of €208m last year at its Irish operation

The Lexus LC  boasts a grille that wouldn’t look out of place on a truck.

The LC is straight out of an anime dream – and will give European designers nightmares

The new Opel Insignia Grand Sport offers motorists a more engaging drive and ample headroom

New refined saloon will debut in March at Geneva Motor Show

The new BMW 5-Series: even fans will have to look twice to spot the difference.

Executive buyers are spoilt for choice with a revolutionary new Volvo S90 and a new top-class Mercedes E-Class – but BMW just ab(...)

Hyundai’s new Ioniq: figures for the year to date show the Korean firm has a slight lead over Volkswagen in terms of sales.

Figures show 146,175 new cars sold to date with Korean firm ahead of VW and Toyota

Peugeot 3008: Forget what you think about French cars – this is a revelation

Winner of hotly contested award to be announced before Geneva Motor Show in March

Eir’s email customers have been experiencing problems accessing their mail following a suspected Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack by hackers.

Up to 400,000 users affected as service hit with suspected DDOS attack

Valitacell’s technology reduces cost and time incurred by pharma firms in bringing drugs to market

The Ioniq  comes in three flavours: full electric,  a regular petrol-electric 1.6-litre hybrid version and an upcoming plug-in hybrid version Hyundai is hoping will deliver 50km of full-electric driving before resorting back to hybrid mode

Korean firm’s answer to electric age has a realistic range of 200km-plus

Mini has confirmed new pricing for its Mini Countryman, starting at €33,580 on the road

Prices for the new generation Countryman start at €33,850 on the road

Bluestone Asset Finance offers finance to buyers who struggle to secure finance from pillar banks

West of Ireland car dealership Kenny Galway has gone into receivership not “related to motor trading issues”.

Galway dealer held franchises for Citroen, Volvo, Kia and Peugeot

The revised version – for that’s what it is, rather than a completely new car – offers a significant tech upgrade

The Opel Insignia, currently in its final testing phase and set to make its public debut  next March

Due for launch in Spring the Insignia’s shed up to 175kgs - and it shows on the road

Car firm, whose parent is BMW AG in Germany, employed an average of 19 staff in its head office in Santry last year.

German car brand records profits of € 4.23m in 2015 up from € 1.98m in previous year

Elon Musk’s cars have the tech and the spec to impress but what are they like to drive?

Tesla Motors recently launched its new Model X crossover SUV, which costs €85,000 for the 75D entry level model.

Firm run by Elon Musk will also set up four supercharging stations for its electric cars

German car giant delivers plug-in models to rival anything already on the market

Exclusive First Drive: Revamped car boasts eye-catching exterior, Qashqai-like interior and impressive engine

Due to end on December 31st, vehicle registration tax (VRT) reliefs will be extended for five more years for electric cars and two more years for hybrids

Diesel escapes tax increase despite lobbying from environmental and heritage groups founder Jerry Kennelly said the lack of Irish software engineers pointed to education policy failures and unintended consequences of IDA success.

Absence of software engineering strategy is State’s ‘dirty little secret’

Liam Kavanagh, MD The Irish Times presenting The Irish Times Innovation 2016 overall award to Eamonn Boland, Barry Lunn, Marie Bourke, Valerie Somers and Denver Humphrey of Arralis

IT firm’s chipset is suited to space travel but will also help lead way for self-driving cars

Final touches underway for tonight’s Irish Times Innovation Awards at the RHK in Kilmainham, Dublin

Final touches underway for tonight’s Irish Times Innovation Awards

Uber’s Volvo XC90 self-driving car is shown during a demonstration of self-driving automotive technology in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photograph: Aaron Josefczyk/Reuters

The Swedish carmaker is gambling its future as auto industry enters crucial phase

Audi’s Q7 e-tron

SUVs traditionally represented everything environmentalists loathed - until now

Volvo says the new V90CC works well in the urban environment.

Latest model has all tech wizardry of latest premium saloon and SUV

The growing number of court cases over the Volkswagen emissions scandal highlights the need for class actio n lawsuits, according to Independent MEP Marian, Harkin.

MEP highlights Castlebar case as investors rush to file cases in Germany against firm

VW emissions case: Volkswagen’s chief executive, Matthias Müller, faces the press. Photograph: Lisi Niesner/Bloomberg

After its emissions cheat, an Irish District Court is at the centre of a global legal battle between the car manufacturer and owne(...)

All-American model looks good, but needs to be cheaper and offer seven-seat version

The Mayo case is likely to have international ramifications for VW.

Judge says case over emissions devices ‘will go on without Hamlet’

VW unsuccessfully sought an adjournment of Tuesday’s hearing at Castlebar District Court. Photograph: Fabian Bimmer/Reuters

Castlebar court to hear case brought over emissions cheat software

New car sales rose in August were up 14.3 per cent on the same month last year, with the total registrations so far this year at 138,538.

Motor sector describes suggestions of rise in diesel taxes as ‘ill-conceived’

The new way: when a driver disengages from events on the road it takes some time before their attention can refocus.

Car manufacturers are moving from stamping metal to scripting software

The Volvo S90 has Pilot Assist, which takes care of the steering up to speeds of 130km/h by  continually monitoring the area in front of the vehicle.

Swedes throw down gauntlet to Germans with this bold and innovative statement

According to Central Statistics Office figures, between January and July 119,952 new cars were taxed for the first time.

Figures show new cars taxed for first time at 119,952 this year with Hyundai out in front

‘You will feel the potholes, but It was never meant to be a comfort cruiser’

French cars have failed to make it in the premium market, but this might work

A total of 29,931 new cars were registered in the first month of the 162 numberplate, bringing the total so far this year to 131,264

New car sales up 8.5% in July as total number of new registrations reaches 131,000 for 2016

Last September VW admitted to cheating US diesel emissions tests and said up to 11 million vehicles worldwide could be fitted with illegal software, including about 115,000 in Ireland. Photograph: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

Carmaker VW submits affidavits to Castlebar court in relation to claims for damages

Philip Lane, Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, said in May that Europe needs to be more co-ordinated on protection schemes for insurance companies in the event of a firm failing. Photograph: Jason Clarke

Collapse of Gibraltar-based insurer comes two years after closure of Setanta insurance

Hausfeld Law Firm has already worked on cases in the US involving the VW emissions scandal. Photograph: Reuters

Mayo-based O’Dwyer Solicitors granted order of discovery against car giant last month

Skoda Octavia vRS:  While it manages to keep up with the rest of the   hot hatch pack, it has never watered down its practicality

Octavia vRS offers proper back seats, decent boot and relatively affordable price

The Irish arm of auto giant General Motors, responsible for Opel vehicles here, saw turnover rise by €11 million in 2014.

Irish arm of General Motors reports €11m revenue jump as profits fall to €516,000

As part of a €20 million capital investment plan, Joe Duffy Group has started consturction on a flagship Jaguar Land Rover facility in Airside Business Park in Swords, Dublin.

Group currently has 14 dealerships representing 15 brands and expects to take on 300 extra staff by 2020

Volkswagen is the best-selling car brand on the Irish market, with 10,945 registrations, closely followed by Toyota with 10,807. It comes as the new car market exceeded 100,000 sales in the first six months.

On the first day of new 162 registration plate figures show new car market on target to reach 150,000 for 2016

This hatchback-SUV crossover comes as a smooth, efficient drive, but where is the fun?

Mazda’s new MX-5 RF is a hard-top semi-convertible, more in the traditions of a Targa top than a full convertible

De facto British motor show sees Mazda unveil its hard-top MX-5 as Bristol brand hints at a return

Volkswagen Group’s price tag to settle lawsuits in the US over its rigging of diesel emissions tests has jumped to more than $15 billion (€13.6 billion) - $5 billion more than previously reported.

Deal will see $10,000 compensation and buy-backs for US owners amid calls for a similar deal for Irish owners

Fall in the value of sterling after Brexit vote is likely to lead to a surge in UK used car imports

Irish motor trade warns of major challenges to market on back of Brexit result

Outstanding chassis allows most to be made of twin-turbo 2.3-litre engine

A mechanic uploads a software update to a Volkswagen Golf as part of the recall due to the emission scandal. The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has concluded an investigation into Volkswagen Group’s understatement of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on certain cars.

CCPC finds VW was upfront with consumers over CO2 emissions but investigation into cheat devices on diesel cars ongoing

New Volvo S90: a real challenger in the executive new car market

New flagship saloon and estate from Swedes has the potential to really challenge the likes of BMW 5-Series

Volkswagen returned to the top of the sales table for the year as new car sales reached 99,740

Sales up 23 per cent so far this year despite drop off in May compared to last year

The sturdy Toyota Hilux is put to the test on dune, dirt-track and cross-country terrains in Namibia.

The almost-indestructible vehicle proves itself to be both workhorse and warhorse

Judges of the 2016 awards: back, from left, Prof Pat Daly, Teagasc; Prof Pat Gibbons, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School; Dr Paul Beaney, Ulster University; Robert Love, AbbVie. Front, from left: Dr Marion Boland, Science Foundation Ireland; Niall Campbell, KPMG; Michael McAleer. Photograph: Eric Luke

This year’s contenders range from small start-ups to big multinationals

The F-Pace is sleeker than its rivals and with an engineering mix is surprisingly agile

Pictured with the Shane Holland designed award trophy is L-R Eddie Cullen head of corporate and institutional banking Ulster Bank, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Mary Mitchell O’Connor, Shaun Murphy, managing partner KPMG and vice president American Chamber of Commerce James O’Connor .

Lifetime achievement award presented to musician, film maker and broadcaster Philip King

The new Ford Edge: a long-awaited stylinsh SUV ready to challenge the likes of the Hyundai Santa Fe

The new SUV has the looks to challenge the competition but pricing seems too high to give this car the edge

 Irish MEP  Deirdre Clune: “The crux of the matter is this. Volkswagen cheated its customers. It must now make amends,” she said.  Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Deirdre Clune calls for VW Ireland to act on example set by mass buyback of cars in US

RC200t will appeal to those looking for an alternative to BMW, Audi and Mercedes

In  what is one of the tightest races in years, Toyota remains the best-selling brand, slightly ahead of rivals Hyundai and Volkswagen

With over 93,000 new cars sold, Toyota keeps a small lead over Hyundai and Volkswagen

Toyota Ireland said it was “satisfied that it has at all times complied with competition law”. Photograph: Paulo Whitaker/Reuters

Carmaker accused of anti-competitive practices by 15 car dealers and repair garages

Crossovers are family favourites these days and Volkswagen is revamping its offering with the second generation Tiguan

Toyota’s new Prius: The Japanese firm is now the best-selling brand on the new car market in 2016

Significant increase in commercial vehicles sales reflects recovery

Customers waits in line outside a Tesla dealership at the Westfield Mall in San Diego, California ahead of the unveiling of the firm’s new  Model 3 electric car.

The Model 3 will be firm’s most mainstream car to date, targeting current Audi, BMW and Mercedes owners

Audi’s new flagship TTS offers exceptional handling and pinpoint-sharp steering

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