How much for a glass of tap water?   The Commission for Energy Regulation has  published the details of how much we will  have to pay when  water charges are brought it

How much it will cost, who will pay and what happens if you don’t pay . . .

People with water meters installed will be charged €4.88 for every 1,000 litres of water used, but will have their bills capped  for six months.

Annual cost for unmetered household of two adults, two children will be €278

Government funding and free allowances mean water services for  children will remain free at least until 2016.

Regulator says water will cost €176 for house with one adult and €102 for each extra adult

Research identifies key factors that affect the timing of a person’s decision to move out of their parents’ home

Research finds shift in behaviour as result of drop in rents

The State’s “free” education system remains “cripplingly expensive” and will cost parents with two children in secondary school almost €2000, reports Barnardo’s children’s charity Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill/The Irish Times

Free education ‘a joke’ as cost of sending child into secondary school stays over €700

Eamon Timmins of Age Action Ireland: “We need clarity and we need transparency as to the price of medications and that appears to be still lacking.”

One year after introduction of law to reduce generic pricing, costs still remain expensive

‘I had been paying for more than six months for a service that did not work properly,’ says our reader of UPC Horizon

This week’s issues relate to UPC Horizon, a Supervalu wine deal, and French tolls

‘Many consumers may be needlessly paying more for their cover.’ Photograph: Getty Images

You can make savings of more than €400 by taking a few minutes to change insurance providers, but surprisingly few people are shop(...)

In the past three years, the German discounters have captured almost 4 per cent from their competitors and have increased their sales by nearly 4 per cent

Although Tesco remains the largest supermarket chain here – it has watched its market share fall every month for nearly two years (...)

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