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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: April 20, 2010 @ 5:14 pm

    Earth’s mightiest heroes stopped in their tracks

    Pól Ó Muirí

    Not one for flying, my son finally realised the extent of the crisis caused by that Icelandic volanco after the comic shop notified its customers that there would be no more DC and Marvel titles – Spider-man, Superman, Batman, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four - winging their way across the Atlantic for a while. Eyjafjallajokull manages what Brainiac, Doc Ock and the Skrulls never could and stop earth’s mightiest heroes in their tracks. Then again with a name like Eyjafjallajokull, the volcano could well be a super-villain. Any relation to Thor’s troublesome sibling, Loki?

    • Kynos says:

      At least yer lad’s super-heroes are a bit more politically correct than mine..

    • kynos says:

      I actually had the free Red Arrow plane that you could fly from your wrist with the elastic band it came with. And I had the free red spinner with Prog 1 of 2000AD. And the free ‘bionic’ stickers with Prog 2. The little brother and me spent the day running around the fields in slow motion making ‘thnk-thnk-thnk-thnk” noises as we lifted lumps of rocks and planks like Steve Austin (we thought) and chucked them at each other. AND I had the free Mach One code book that had a dial that you turned to spell out a plaintext message in crypto. That came with Prog 3. My best mate had EVERY SINGLE Prog between 1 and about 300 until couple years back. They were in the press in his bedroom at his mam’s house for years and years after he left home got married and stuff. Then about five years ago his mam was doing up the house and…she…threw…them…all…out. Can’t write anymore for a bit think I’m going to cry.

    • Mully says:

      Even Ironman has been grounded.

      Producers of Iron Man 2 confirmed that the sequel’s world premiere, which had been set to take place in the newly-opened Westfield Vue cinema in London next Monday, will now shift to LA due to continuing travel uncertainty.

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