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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: April 4, 2010 @ 4:09 pm

    Sunday, Sperrins and snow

    Pól Ó Muirí

    I thought I had done well getting up for 9am Mass, thinking I would beat the rush. However, the chapel was soon packed with young and old. Indeed, any virtuous notion I had of attending an early Mass was soon put in context by the parish priest who mentioned that he and another three score of the faithful had been up for a 6am prayer service at the edge of Lough Neagh to mark the Resurrection. It must have been some sight, watching the sun rise over the lough this morning. There is snow on the Sperrins and they look very picturesque. How much nicer they would have been in first light! Ah, well maybe next year if I am spared.

    That said, the Sperrins were still looking very  picturesque by the time I undertook by mid-morning cycle. They may never feature in the Tour de France but they are a very dramatic backdrop for this weekend warrior on wheels – a weekend warrior who is feeling ever more the professional now that he has a proper road bike. Yes, Santa brought me a Trek racer for Christmas – though Santa’s Little Helper did warn me that, under no circumstances, was I to take it out on winter roads. “The grit ruins them, boy, just ruins them,” said Santa’s Little Helper in his best mid-Ulster accent.

    There is no grit now and it has to be said that the only thing ruining the Trek is the rider! Still, even someone as slow as myself finds the miles dropping away on a good bike like this. It was a good run along the lough shore, one that makes you grateful to be alive, one that reminds you of just how great a gift life is. On my regular hack, there is a discreet memorial to the victim of a sectarian murder. I will not write his name as it would not be appropriate – but he is remembered in prayer once more on this day when the sun shines over the lough and the snow rests on the Sperrins.

    • Lets Get Real says:

      Dear oh dear! Even on such a beautiful Spring day some people just won’t let the blood spattered past stay in the past. Just had to get it in there, didn’t you Pol?
      The parish priest and his fellow pastors will need to spend a lot of early mornings at the lake in atonement for the cover up of the vile abuse of our Catholic childreni.
      How lucky he is to have a full church despite the denials and obfuscations. Some people are gullible beyond belief.

    • Patrick says:

      And how many did not go to Easter mass account of the administration of the church silenceing the truth to protect the image of the church? At least Bishop Martin stood up for the truth like a true leader. So many have lost faith in the RCC administration but not the religion . The administrators must ancer three questions. 1. WHAT DID THEY KNOW? 2. WHEN DID THEY KNOW IT? 3. WHAT DID THEY DO WITH WHAT THEY KNEW? True that their are a lot of good people in religious life but the church have a lot of bad apples too . It is time for a new pope and VATICAN III to turn the RCC around before the young people vote with their feet.

    • LGR: `some people just won’t let the blood spattered past stay in the past’. if the pp were to say that re: child abuse you would – rightly – be angered. So you want us to forget sectarian violence but not sexual violence? Double standard on your part.

    • regular contributor says:

      I went to mass at Easter but because it was a funeral. Was actually planning a weekend visiting a friend but their BF’s dad died and so we had to go back to his funeral Easter Sunday. Wouldn’t have gone otherwise. The priest gave a very good eulogy to the Departed’s family. Spoke of the man’s decency and Christianity and how his family were there for him in his latther years so much and how the wife he’d loved and lost 20 odd years before would be with him now. Very good service. Found out after the priest who spoke was the Abbot of Kilnacrott. Wondered afterwards did that mean anything but subsequently matters more pressing arose and I forgot it.

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