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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: January 1, 2010 @ 10:50 am

    ‘It’s total Bethlehem’

    Pól Ó Muirí

    As the children grow older, the tendency to receive gift tokens has also grown. That in itself is not bad as it gives them a chance to buy books and CDs they like. The bad part is that you end up having to take them over to the shopping centre – something that is best avoided this time of year. Pandemonium reigned during the most recent visit. It was what adults would call ‘bedlam’. However, one of my daughters, came up with a variation on the theme that suited the holy season that is in it. When confronted with the hoards of bargain hunters, she shouted: “Daddy, the shops are packed. It’s total Bethlehem.”

    • Pomme de Pratai says:

      The word ‘bedlam’ from ‘Bethlam’ the name of the ‘lunatic asylum’ in the East End was derived from the original priory ‘The Sisters of the Star of Bethlehem’ so your daughter was etymologically correct…now where did I put my anorak…?

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