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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: December 17, 2009 @ 11:56 am

    End of Celtic Europe

    Pól Ó Muirí

    Celtic’s European adventure will end tonight in Vienna. It has not been the best of continental campaigns – and that’s putting it mildly. Still, “is olc an ghaoth nach séideann maith ar bith,” as my people say. At least, that horrible away rig that Celtic wear will not give European offence for much longer. Yes, in the history of horrible away rigs, this year’s offering of bright yellow and black hoops must certainly take the biscuit. It is so bad that I won’t even buy it when it is remaindered at the end of the season. In fact, it is so bad that it even makes Barcelona’s horrible Champions’ League away outfit – yes, that one! – look stylish. A testament to just how bad Barcelona’s away rig is, is the fact that there is no word in Irish for that particular colour they sport. (And they say men aren’t interested in fashion.)

    Still, we will give Celtic the ‘focal scoir’. When the horrible outfit was launched last year, I saw some publicity material urging the club’s faithful to get behind the “bumble bees”. Bumble bees? Aren’t bees supposed to sting?

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