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  • The future of the Labour Party is at stake

    It would appear that Labour’s adoption of the Michael McDowell mantra of, in effect: single party government, no thanks, is more indicative of Labour’s own lack of self esteem than anything else. This stance by the Labour Party is an embarrassment and really smacks of a lack of confidence in its own role in national politics. A less benevolent view might be that the desire for power, even diluted power, is so great that it relegates all other considerations to second place. (more…)

  • Loan deal from EU must be changed

    Loaning Ireland more money will hurt European workers. This is the message Fine Gael and Labour must send to French and German workers. (more…)

  • Free politics a breeze to sell

    If any word deserves to be banned during this and future election campaigns it’s “free”. “Free” services are to politics what ice cream is to a summer crowd: a breeze to sell. Fianna Fail’s giveaway budgets in previous elections successfully bought votes in droves with populist and wasteful hikes in public spending. (more…)

  • What kind of week has it been

    And so, it’s finally here. On the 25th of February, the baked in mildew of the current government will be sprayed with lemon-zesty change, and wiped off with the new faces of cabinet. Possibly. (more…)
  • Election 2011 match programme

    The Player Profiles

    Fianna Fail – most experienced and trophy laden team in the competition but form simply dreadful of late. Have fallen foul of of UEFA, sorry EU/IMF rules for financial solvency and have been panicked into dropping the captain for a sort of Beckham-esque populist. They have also replaced most of the first team (who seemed keen to leave anyway) with Academy youngsters. But will it be enough or indeed is it too late regardless. To say that the fans are restless is something of an understatement.


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