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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: November 22, 2010 @ 3:50 pm

    Prescient political commentary from Westlife

    Laura Slattery

    In case you missed this vital economic analysis, the multi-millionaires Westlife on Saturday called for Irish “positivity”, despite the looming multi-billion bailout and mooted slashing of social welfare, the minimum wage and front line services.

    “The international media and even the homegrown media sometimes say everything is down and gloomy,” Nicky Byrne told the BBC’s World Service. “But there is a lot of positivity still in Ireland. Irish people as a whole are good people. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again,” he opined.

    The ability to be upbeat in the face of adversity is certainly a quality that’s bound to come in handy during Westlife’s continuing round of album promotion media appearances. Last night, the boy/man band’s single Safe made its debut in the official UK charts at number 10 – crushed, in other words, by the popularity of their personal IMF bogeymen, JLS. Never mind, eh, lads. They can’t all go to number one. Although there was a time when they did, wasn’t there?

    But though it seemed yesterday that for the rest of us – to paraphrase Byrne’s father-in-law, Bertie Ahern – the doom was getting doomier, it turns out that Westlife were right, but just two days early. With the Greens greenlighting an imminent general election, soon the nation’s canvassers will be stocking up on cable-knits, Yeti hats and legwarmers as they “try and dig deep and fix” whatever political patches are still fixable. Meanwhile, rumours that Westlife are releasing a remix entitled (Your Deposits Are) Safe (Bailout Version) could not be confirmed at the time of posting.

    • Paddy Murphy of Finland says:

      Shame on you!!! Why should we pay your reckless spending spree!!!??? Yes, Irish positivity indeed!!
      One positive solution would be to face the music, admit that you blew it, give up Euro and reapply for the UK membership!!!

    • you have only a moral and ethical problem in your country in that your government is corrupt, your banks are corrupt and many of your institutions are corrupt. clean house and get some good decent people into positions of responsibility. you do not have financial problems that can’t be solved. that is the least of your worries. by the way, i am an american and we have the identical problem here in the states. the people who are running the show here are also a bunch of bums. thank you for giving me the opportunity to address this issue to the media….which is probably the least trustworthy institution in your country and mine.

    • paul m says:

      @ peter,

      thats a broad generalisation there. Not every institution here is corrupt but you are right we do have a moral and ethical problem in ireland – an taoiseach.
      the problem in the states is you have a clear division between republican and democrat that is widening as your country comes to terms with no longer being the centre of the financial or military universe. I guess what we have in common is its hard dealing with the rug being pulled from underneath your feet (our case being returned to exorbitant debt, your case realising you can no longer live off huge levels of consumption or credit)

      and finally the media outside of the US isnt all fox news. you’ll notice the times printed your comment. If you read, listen to and watch more of the irish media you will see it surpasses much of what you’ll find in the states.

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