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Movie Quiz for December 2nd He was born in a crossfire hurricane.
The NY Film Critics Circle goes La La for La La Land In other news, John Waters has released his perennially diverting best of the year
Two Irish documentaries selected for Sundance 2017 It’s Not Yet Dark and In Loco Parentis will compete in the World Cinema Documentary Competition
Wes Anderson directs an H&M commercial The busy film-maker had made a commercial that looks very much like his own work
Alien: Covenant will be with us in May The next film in the series is arriving sooner than expected.
Movie quiz for November 25th It does look like him. It's not just the clouds in your eyes.
The trailer for Martin Scorsese’s Silence is here Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver star in this much anticipated adaptation of a Shūsaku Endō novel
Robbie Ryan and Ruth Negga get Independent Spirit noms American Honey does better than expected. Expected contenders are in place.