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The trailer for Freeheld hits all the bases Julianne Moore and Ellen Page play a couple fighting the system in a film that already seems parked in the awards zone
50 years, 50 films Vol II: Bride of Frankenstein (1935) We reach the middle of the 1930s and (as it happens) Screenwriter's very favourite film.
Movie quiz for July 24th Something is happening, but you don't know what it is. Do you?
Jurassic World is the biggest film of 2015 The dinosaur romp has made it over the line. There are already three 2015 movies in the all-time top 10.
Grace of Monaco gets an Emmy nomination One of the most derided films of the last few years is in the awards enclosure. Is telly useless after all?
Movie quiz for July 17th Oh, Just one more question, ma'am.
The Suicide Squad leak reveals dangers of Comic-Con Footage from Warners' superhero team-up was leaked at the San Diego event. As you reap you shall sow
50 years, 50 films Vol II: Night Mail (1936) The landmark British documentary paints a picture of a vanishing world.