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Movie quiz for June 17th I see a bad moon rising. I see trouble on the way.
Nicole Kidman joins Yorgos Lanthimos’s latest The Killing of a Sacred Deer will be produced by the Irish company Element Films. Meanwhile The Lobster does well in the US.
This is the McDonald’s commercial that Ken Loach directed We don't begrudge him a penny, but it is certainly an odd addition to the oeuvre. You'll remember it well.
The Conjuring 2 is the year’s least likely critical smash When was the last time a horror sequel managed these sorts of notices?
History in the US election greeted with yawning silence Did nobody notice that a woman will, for the first time, be a major party's candidate for US President?
Mel Gibson announces “sequel” to Passion of the Christ The book of Revelation, perhaps? The Book of Mormon?
Movie quiz for June 11th Wheels are made for rolling, mules are made to pack. I've never seen a sight that didn't look better looking back.
There may still be a lesbian couple in Finding Dory The folk at Disney are equivocating about an apparent spotting of a same-sex couple.