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Ed Guiney to receive gong from European Film Awards The vigorous producer and co-founder of Element Pictures is to pick up the European Co-Production award
Patrick’s Day and The Tribe win at the Cork Film Festival The 59th event comes to a close with prizes for films by Terry McMahon and Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy
An awards-season digest on Selma, American Sniper and others US critics are very pleased with a trio of late entries to gong time.
Movie quiz for November 14th We're off to see the Quizard, the wonderful Quizard of film.
John Carney’s Begin Again is huge in Korea The Irish director has had a smash hit on the peninsula with his musical comedy. Meanwhile, Mike Leigh celebrates success in these islands
50 years, 50 films Vol II: Beauty and the Beast (1946) Our journey rubs up against the end of the war and a film that offered France brief escape from misery
Lenny Abrahamsson’s Room gets more stars and starts production William H Macy and Joan Allen have been confirmed for the Irish director's take on Emma Donoghue's troubling novel
Watch Refuge by Donal Foreman As the young director's Out of Here graces cinemas, we enjoy an excellent short