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Movie quiz for May 6th Jack Spratt would eat no fat.
Hollywood Babylon celebrates Prince on film Join other Paisley People for a screening of Purple Rain at the Light House on Friday
A few thoughts on Burn the Witch by Radiohead The Oxfordshire crew "drop" a video for their new song that combines Gordon Murray with The Wicker Man
Five films to catch in May There is so much interesting stuff coming our way that we can't find time for Top Cat Begins
The Ghostbusters trailer is the most disliked ever on YouTube It's not a great trailer, but the statistics point unambiguously towards more online, nerd-herd misogyny
Movie quiz for April 29th There's a high wind in the trees, A cold sound in the air.
Aosdána mentions Star Wars Island The mysterious cultural body seems to have a bee in its bonnet about Skellig Michael's intergalactic adventures
First proper Trailer for the Absolutely Fabulous movie The British film industry is going back to bad habits from the 1970s. Funny trailer, mind.