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Cannes review of Toni Erdmann All hail Maren Ade's heart-warming, side-busting comedy of disappointed fatherhood. Martin Welbourne?I?
The films at Cannes are loooong Your film is HOW LONG? Allow me to inflate my cushion
Movie quiz for May 13th Don't panic. The much-hated Cannes special really doesn't require that much specialist knowledge.
Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake subtitled in English at Cannes Was the Geordie dialogue really that hard to understand? Maybe it's best not to ask an Irishman.
It’s the annual indulgent Cannes bag post We're here and we've seen two whole films. Not bad.
Pointless effort to predict the Palme d’Or winner Oh, why not? We can have a bit of fun losing our imaginary shirt at an imaginary bookies.
Larisa Shepitko (and others) at the Triskel Tara Brady has curated a tribute to the great Russian film-maker as part of the Deep Focus season
Alden Ehrenreich is the new Han Solo You DO know who he is. You remember. The guy in Hail, Caesar!