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Movie Quiz for July 10th Ride away, ride away, ride away...
What do we make of Marisa Tomei as Aunt May? Blast it! Marvel Studios have, by casting a youngish actor as Spider-Man's aunt, got us talking about that bloody reboot.
Netflix will not release Beasts of No Nation in cinemas outside US Cary Fukunaga's much anticipated picture will screen only in a few US cinemas. This is a very worrying development for those who love cinema.
Is film the worst it’s ever been? Dustin Hoffman claims that cinema has never been more appalling. We both agree and disagree
What’s with the spoilers in the Terminator Genisys trailer? For one day only, Screenwriter, scourge of the spoiler police, asks why bits of the plot have been given away
Movie quiz for July 3rd What you looking at, mate?
Timothy Spall in talks to play Ian Paisley Deadline reports that the brilliant English actor is to play the DUP leader in a drama concerning his relationship with Martin McGuinness
Five films to catch in July It is currently hot. Make like an American and avail of the air conditioning in your local cinema