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The state of the competition at Cannes It's been a pretty steady start to the race for the Palme d'Or. One film for the ages. Two smashers. A pleasant diversion. The reviews are here
Movie quiz for May 15th Be afraid. It's everyone's least favourite: the annual Cannes special.
To the press conference for Mad Max Theron, Hardy and Miller sit down for my appalling photograph
Annual report on Cannes bag and other starting points This year's holdall is a masterpiece. It is the bag against which all other bags will now be measured
Cannes begins with a point to prove The organisers look to be asking us to take things a bit more seriously this year
Genuinely preposterous attempt to predict the Palme d’Or We actually got it right from this remove last year. But this is a very different line up
Ian McKellen talks to us about the referendum and David Norris The veteran actor acknowledges the influence of the tireless gay rights campaigner
There’s a Grateful Dead documentary. Wake me when it’s over The stoners were one of those phenomena that never successfully crossed the Atlantic