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Movie quiz for March 10th Where do I begin?
IMDb F-rates films for female contributions It's not a new idea. But its adoption by the film reference site adds to its prominence
Gleeson and Keaton in trailer for Hampstead I don't care what the film is like. I'm just glad it exists.
Is Bill Condon panicking about the gayness of Beauty and the Beast? The director now argues that talk of a gay character has been "overblown"
Movie quiz for March 3rd Ride away... Rise away...
Rogue One is not the highest grossing release of 2016 The Star Wars spinoff has done very well, but it's no The Force Awakens
Five films to catch in March that aren’t Beauty and the Beast No harm to the big Disney movie. But there are other films to enjoy in other places
The DFCC Awards at the Audi Dublin International Film Festival Handsome Devil, The Farthest and Sanctuary were among the films honoured at the annual bash