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Hannibal is cancelled, but (ahem) Fannibals remain optimisitic The hugely acclaimed cannibal extravaganza has been axed after sluggish ratings. But enthusiasts believe it might turn up somewhere else.
We celebrate Colin Farrell Day with his 10 best films The amiable Dubliner has been very smart in his selection of directors. We acknowledge the arrival of True Detective 2 with 10 great Farrell turns
50 years, 50 films Vol II: Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) Leo McCarey's moving study of old age has been rediscovered, but it is still not so well known as we'd like
Movie quiz for June 19th Isn't that a bird beside Cary? This is easy.
United Passions is the lowest grossing film in history The FIFA hagiography is the anti-Jurassic World. Just $918, folks.
Trailer for the Road to Sparta The fascinating documentary concerning the terrifying Spartathlon is nearing completion
Jurassic World has the biggest opening ever at the box office All bets are off as the fourth film in the dinosaur sequence breaks every record imaginable
Out of Here wins the audience choice at the IFI’s delicious open day There are endless delights at the Irish Film Institute's annual day of free events