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Oh it’s a trailer for the new Bourne film Matt Damon is back. So is Paul Greengrass. But the film is no longer called the Bourne Posh-noun
My 10 cents on newspaper comments sections There will be a temporary suspension on comments in this place. We make a few observations.
Movie quiz for April 22nd Oh, Johnny, Johnny, oh. Why don't you join the foreign legion?
Plot for Star Wars Episode VIII doesn’t really leak online Ah, come on now. I'm not buying any of this. Nonetheless, be aware there may be "spoilers" below.
Cannes Directors’ Fortnight line-up revealed We have new films by Pablo Larrain and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Paul Schrader will be closing the event.
What do we make of the apparent indifference to the Avatar sequels The world goes mad for a Rogue One trailer and says little about four Avatar sequels.
AMC will not be introducing text-friendly cinemas after all Could this all have been a publicity stunt? Probably not.
Movie quiz for April 15th Marks and Spencer's saint is at the source of our great waterway