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Nasa accidentally publicises Ridley Scott’s The Martian No we're not issuing conspiracy theories. But the flick really does open two days after the news about water on Mars.
Variety predicts the most Irish Oscars ever The industry bible expects nominations for Viva, Room, Brooklyn, Emma Donoghue and Michael Fassbender. And that's just the start
Movie quiz for September 25th Think differently. DIFFERENTLY! It's an adverb for God's sake.
It’s the Angry Birds Trailer Is this really something we still need? Well, we all liked the Lego Movie
Netflix to release Beasts of No Nation in UK cinemas The streaming service will be exhibiting the film theatrically in Curzon cinemas. But there is still no sign of an Irish release
Triumph for Room at Toronto points towards a green awards season Lenny Abrahamson's victory at the Canadian event kicks off a season that promises much for the Irish
50 years, 50 films Vol II: The Blue Angel (1930) Dietrich speaks! Artistic and political Rubicons are crossed for good.
Movie Quiz for September 18th Love has flown all alone. I sit and wonder why, oh? Why you left me?