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Two more Irish films for Toronto New releases by Gerard Barrett and John Butler will join features by Jim Sheridan and others
So what was the worst blockbuster of the summer? Everyone's talking about the summer of direness. What was the worst of the worst? I have an answer.
Farewell, Kenny Baker The much loved little person, who played R2-D2, never showed his face in Star Wars, but he stole scenes in Time Bandits
Movie quiz for August 12th On November 13th, Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his place of residence
We can do better than an all-female remake of Oceans 11? It has been confirmed that the Sinatra film will be remade yet again with a female cast. Let's try harder!
“Overseas” figures for Ghostbusters and Star Trek Beyond are dire The summer of indifferent franchises continues to kick up some strange results. Look at Star Trek and Ghostbusters
10 great movie cats for International Cat Day Hey it's silly season. What do you expect? Reasoned thought?
Teaser for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk does what it should The treatment of a heroic defeat will be with us in about a year's time.