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The eccentric tastes of Quentin Tarantino Season one of True Detective was unwatchable. Kingsman was great. So was How I met Your Mother. Okay then.
Is a new Blackadder a good idea? Tony Robinson has suggested that there may be another series of Blackadder. Is that what we want?
50 years 50 films Volume II: M (1931) Our series moving backwards through time finds a tale of the darkest impulses from the last days of Weimar Germany
Movie quiz for August 21st How does Batman's mum call him in for his dinner? Din, din, din, din, din. Batman!
A Doctor’s Sword follows Fortune’s Wheel and One Million Dubliners into an extended run It looks as if domestic audiences will step out to see documentaries that tell remarkable Irish stories. Ross Whittaker's Unbreakable also drew in the crowds.
The IFI Documentary Festival announces its programme Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans is among the factual films to unspool in September
Hollywood’s continuing Frankenstein problem The studios will keep making films that gesture towards Mary Shelly's creation. Why are so few of them any good?
#Gamergate discussion at SPJ event disrupted by bomb scare A perusal of those attending confirms the quasi-movement's right-wing ethos