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Movie quiz for August 29th If you're not going to Electric Picnic then enjoy some Electric Quiznic. (Sorry)
The Basement Tapes are dragged up the stairs (again) It's deja vu all over again as Columbia announce a definitive version of Bob Dylan's official bootleg
Richard Attenborough’s two finest moments Lord Attenborough was know for his warmth. But his best performances plumbed the darkest depths.
Movie quiz for August 22nd Autumn really seems to have properly arrived. Curl up with a good quiz.
The unstoppable rise of Scarlett Johansson As Lucy opens to bangs and bucks, we must acknowledge ScarJo as the biggest female star today
50 years, 50 films Vol II: The Searchers (1956) Our series slips into 1956 and revels in John Ford's most acclaimed western
The Rose of Tralee is a beauty pageant You can call a binman a sanitation engineer, but he still has to collect the rubbish
What is Sarah Palin on about? Ms Palin is, for liberal humorists, the gift that keeps on giving.