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The Independent Spirit Nominations are in The folk behind Room will be a little disappointed by their tally. Carol leads the pack.
Todd Haynes discusses influence of Vivian Maier and others on Carol Here is some stuff that didn't make it into the published interview with the great American director
Irish director Benjamin Cleary long-listed for best short Oscar Cleary's Stutterer is one of ten to make the next-to-final paddock
Movie quiz for November 20th Deep in most of us is the potential for greatness or the potential to inspire greatness
Jesse Eisenberg hits out at film critics. Fair enough. The actor has penned a satirical rebuff to me and my colleagues
Can anybody aside from DiCaprio or Fassbender win the best actor Oscar? We are edging you towards a reply in the negative.
The Martian is a comedy according to The Golden Globes It's not the first genre that would spring to mind. Is it?
Dave Tynan’s Rockmount is available to view on YouTube The excellent short film -- detailing the origins of a sporting legend -- can now be watched in its lovely entirety