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What should and will win at Cannes (with this year’s reflections) The festival tweaked and twirled this year's programme with interesting results.
Every Cannes competition film reviewed We are the only organ in the country that provides reviews of every film up for the Palm d'Or. Indulge...
Cannes review of Macbeth Justin Kurzel's violent take on Shakespeare's most dynamic tragedy closes the competition in windswept style. But why couldn't we hear it?
Cannes review of Mia Madre The latest from Nanni Moretti sees him return to the theme of mortality with effective results
Cannes review of Chronic Michel Franco's tale of a nurse caring for the seriously ill brings us Tim Roth's best performance in may years
Cannes review of Valley of Love Depardieu and Huppert come together for a middle-brow trifle that becomes lost in spiritual baloney.
To the Palm Dog The lovable hound from Miguel Gomes' Arabian Nights is named top dog at Cannes
Movie quiz for May 22nd Fret not. No Cannes stuff here. Just cryptic fun