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Can anything beat Boyhood to the Oscar? Everyone is talking about this year's awards being a close race. We're not so sure.
Paul Greengrass to direct a version of Nineteen Eighty-Four Few authors have been so ill-served by cinema as George Orwell. Greengrass sets out to rectify that situation.
Movie quiz for November 21st All your quiz needs are catered for
Farewell, Mike Nichols Yes, Mr Nichols directed The Graduate. But he did so much more.
Irish Certification Office goes easier on Paddington than UK equivalent Proof that we are, in some ways, now a more liberal country than Britain comes from an unlikely place
Ed Guiney to receive gong from European Film Awards The vigorous producer and co-founder of Element Pictures is to pick up the European Co-Production award
Patrick’s Day and The Tribe win at the Cork Film Festival The 59th event comes to a close with prizes for films by Terry McMahon and Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy
An awards-season digest on Selma, American Sniper and others US critics are very pleased with a trio of late entries to gong time.