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  • Arts diversion ahead – delays/fun guaranteed

    September 7, 2012 @ 3:05 pm | by Laurence Mackin

    Last year, this blog and The Irish Times started an experiment for the Absolute Fringe and Dublin Theatre festivals. Injuries from the resultant theatrical Frankenstein’s monster were kept to a minimum, so now, we are going to repeat the process. All of these tortured analogies mean that the Festival Hub is about to once again live, live, LIVE!

    I’ll be putting the Pursued by a Bear arts blog up on bricks for a few weeks, while we work around the clock on reviews and coverage of the two festivals. So click over here to see how we shall be otherwise occupied. It is less an interruption of normal service, and more a massive increase in our arts coverage for the insane weeks that our in it. May the theatrical gods help us all.

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