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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: January 12, 2012 @ 7:02 pm

    If you only do one thing this weekend … go and visit The Family

    Laurence Mackin

    Listen: It’s an indie knock down, drag out dust up this weekend in Dublin, with a a full roster of rock gigs vying for your attention. In Whelan’s and the Village this weekend, the Ones to Watch festival is hoping to highlight some of the most promising acts that you might not yet have heard of. Leading the squad are The Gandhis, with Sleep Thieves, Bantum, Spies, Trophy Boyfriend, Tenaka, Futures Apart and Last Days of 1984 bulking out the main artillery. The festival is already underway and winds up tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, over at the Button Factory, the First Fortnight festival is also drawing to a close on Saturday night. Radio favourites Royseven are heading up a roster with newly Choice-nominated Cashier No 9 and surprisingly unnominated Le Galaxie lending support. Choose wisely. Or go to them all.

    Family row: Whenever THEATREclub unveils a new production, it rapidly becomes essential viewing, and although the company is using familiar source material for this latest outing, don’t expect The Family to be run of the mill. After all, if you want tension, betrayal, casual domestic violence, deviousness, love, altruism and crises heaped upon amateur dramatics with wit to boot, you’d turn to your family first. Wouldn’t you? Oh. That’s just us then.

    Given this is a domestic drama expect echoes of TheatreClub’s visceral show Heroin, and if it lives up to the standard set by that production it will definitely be one for the theatrical mantelpiece. It’s at the Project this weekend. Go there before your friends do, and feel nicely cutting edge.

    View: Few Irish artists manage to make a breakthrough on the international stage, but Barrie Cooke has a reputation as heavyweight as his work. His expressionist, largely abstract paintings mean he is regarded as one of Ireland’s finest living painters, so any retrospective of his work, in this case in the Crawford Art Gallery, is to be welcomed. It ends on Saturday.

    Megaceros Hibernicus (1983) by Barrie Cooke

    You could also take the chance to check out the gallery’s second show, an impressive group exhibition curated by Sean Lynch. A Rocky Road features the work of Gerard Byrne, John Carson, Charles Haughey, Seán Keating, David Lilburn, Danny McCarthy, Eilís O’Connell, Pierre Restany and Nigel Rolfe among others.

    That’s our selection for this week. Short and sweet. We did come across this video during the week, though, which you’ve probably all seen at this stage, as it has been knocking around for about a year.
    This has the feel of a genuine piece of art. The film is beautifully made and complemented eloquently by The Irrepresibles’ track, In This Shirt. I’m not sure what half of it means, or what precisely director Roy Raz’s motivation was, but I could take a reasonable stab at it. Not that this matters; have a watch and make up your own mind.

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