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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: June 23, 2011 @ 4:18 pm

    If you only do one thing this weekend: enjoy the last of midsummer

    Laurence Mackin

    See: You can’t move without bumping into a festival or three at this time of year, and in Cork, the Midsummer Festival is drawing to a close. There is still a chance to get some culture under your skin though. The Year of Magical Wanking has developed something of a cult following, and Neil Watkins’s painfully honest, visceral show seethes with anger and heartbreak. Eileen Walsh is literally holding her own in Corcadorca’s Request Programme to a tiny audience of just 20 at a time. Meanwhile Paul Reid is also leading audiences on a voyage of action-packed discovery in the Commedia dell’Arte-inspired Man of Valour. For more information click here.

    And, for those at the professional end of the arts spectrum, the festival is live streaming its symposiums on the Mobility of the Performing Arts. On Friday at noon, the topic is “Co-commissioning and co-presenting – are they effective vehicles for mobility?”, chaired by Mary Hickson, director of Cork Opera House. On Saturday at noon its “How the emerging get moving”, chaired by Pat Kiernan of Corcadorca, followed by “Circus and Street Arts in Ireland – is mobility to Europe an essential next step?” at 3pm with Yohann Floch from the Circostrada Network. And on Sunday at 3pm, Laurie Anderson is in conversation with Fiona Kearney. To access the live streams, click here.

    Don’t watch: We had intended to tell you of the wonderous Fade Street Clips open-air cinema event, which was supposed to close down a little piece of the city centre for a free event. But owing to this horrendous weather forecast, the event has been postponed. Boo and hiss. Though the right decision, all told. Bah.

    Listen: A festival by the sea, with a cracking line up and some good surf just a short stroll away – the Sea Sessions in Bundoran, Co Donegal is an easy sell. Villagers and Japanese Popstars are leading the charge tomorrow (Friday) night, with Grandmaster Flash, Go! Team and BellX1 taking pride of place on Saturday, and the Sunday evening send off has Ziggy Marley high on the list. We reckon, though, that Charles Bradley is the one not to miss. For more information, click here.

    Move: Rex Leviates’s shows are always worth taking notice of (and they might just have the coolest company name in dance). In Fast Portraits, choreographer Liz Roche explores emotion and memory in a show that takes its inspiration from the attempts by artists such as Caravaggio and Bill Viola to portray the essential human experience. Click here to get your groove on.

    Sometimes stumbling around the internet can yield little gems of historical footage. Here’s that most eminent of thinkers, Bertrand Russell, telling it like it is. Sublime – and there’s more gold in the links on the left of this video on YouTube.

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