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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: June 7, 2011 @ 4:21 pm

    Culture podcast: June 7th

    Laurence Mackin

    In this week’s Culture podcast I talk to Fintan O’Toole about the state of Irish theatre, while Una Mullally and Jim Carroll discuss Forbidden Fruit and ask just how many festivals Ireland can support.

    Can Irish dramatists tackle big questions?

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    • Trish says:

      Nice podcast.
      On Forbidden Fruit, am I the only one who thought Yo La Tengo were absolutely brutal?

    • aaron dowling says:

      The forbidden fruit festival was definitely a mix bag but as an inner city festvial, it really has a lot of potential. The bands were good but they can certainly provide a more diverse line up next year. The arts side of the festival needs a lot more attention and more planning with regards the basic facilities (toilets and bars) and I think the festival will be a success in a year or two.

      There are alot of festivals happening at the moment but as Jim pointed out, we are becoming more a festival nation. I personally am going to at least 2 festivals this year and am considering another two. I love the choice we have here. Although I did notice a festival up on citydeal today so there is defiinitely a hint of desperation to get numbers for one or two of these festivals.

    • Tara says:

      No Trish, I was very disappointed with Yo La Tengo too. I have 3 albums but still only recognised one song. The end of their set was like being in a dentist’s chair with the drill going in my head.

    • Laurence Mackin says:

      Tara, Trish – I was looking forward to Yo La Tengo, but ended up talking to friends for the set because they just couldn’t hold my attention. Strange, it felt like a lot of acts felt disjointed and uncommitted.

      Aaron – I had never heard of the Willowstone festival until now. Definitely smacks of desperation.
      There is plenty of potential in Forbidden Fruit, and they will have learned plenty about the site and logistics from the weekend so roll on next year.

    • John O'Driscoll says:

      “Can Irish dramatists tackle big questions?” – Beckett would have a word for it. Or not. According to the case en pointe.

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