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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: May 24, 2011 @ 5:55 pm

    Culture podcast: May 24th

    Laurence Mackin

    In this week’s podcast Shane Hegarty talks to Hugh Linehan, Sinéad Gleeson and Jim Carroll about media coverage of the recent State visits, Primavera and other upcoming music festivals.

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    • a.commenter says:


    • Elvira Von Camembert says:

      Verbal diarrhoea…………Jim-what’s-his face so annoying……… gave me a headache………….everyone talking at the same time………interrupting……..awful………..I like Hugh Linehan though………

    • a.commenter says:

      ‘All we hear is radio gaga radio goo radio blah blah’…no not that one…
      Jim mOTRmouth ‘we don’t care about the North’ Carroll…but you’re prepared to jump on the bandwagon to gain some Internationational kudos…Doooood

    • Gerry Adams says:

      Methinks a.commenter and Elvira are the one and same person and seem to have a very serious problem with Jim Carroll. Could the blog moderator perhaps point this out?

    • Laurence Mackin says:

      Gerry – They have different emails and different IP addresses. If they are the same person they are going to a bit of effort. And I reckon no one is better equipped to deal with an online heckle (or indeed more used to them) than Jim.

    • a.commenter says:

      The person with the problem is the bald doooood

    • a.commenter says:

      @5 Thanks for pointing that out Laurence…that there is more than one person who finds the dooood a PIA that is…
      also if the poster @4 is in fact the bald dood then I believe IT columnists are expected to post in their real name…?

    • rita murphy says:

      Excellent podcast, some great points made by all the contributers, best one so far, well done to all concerned.

    • @eske says:

      Hey Guys is there an RSS feed for the podcast? Or do I have to subscribe through itunes?

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