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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: May 5, 2011 @ 6:29 pm

    If you only do one thing this weekend … get free tickets to Pygmalion

    Laurence Mackin

    Exhibit: Going to see a Science Gallery exhibition is becoming as much a part of our routine as our morning 10-mile jog (alright, alright), but the boffins are bound to throw up a duff one sooner or latter. This is not the case with Human+, which looks at our future as a species, and promises “augmented abilities, authored evolution, new strategies for survival and non-human encounters.” Out favourite bit, in a macabre way, is a new strategy for death, namely a euthanasia rollercoaster. Basically some scientist type (called Julijonas Urbonas if you must know) has devised a rollercoaster that goes so fast and with G forces so great that you slip unconscious and gently shuffle off this mortal coil in the most spectacular fashion possible. There is even a model of it (rumours that Funderland are negotiating for the plans are said to be wide of the mark). Well if you are going to go out, you might as well go out screaming.

    You ain’t getting your money back after this ride, buddy

    Rock out: 12 Points isn’t the only musical event in Dublin this weekend, and there is a cracking line-up for a musical fundraiser for Aid Japan over at the Twisted Pepper on Dublin’s Middle Abbey Street (where you can also check out their new Loft bookshop). Among those giving their time and talents to raise some cash are Squarehead, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Toby Kaar, Sacred Animals, No Monster Club, We Are Losers, Shapes and Jogging, with DJ sets from Adebisi Shank, Bats, Rigsy, Shortie, Una Mullaly, Nialler9, Moshi Moshi, Chika & Kayo, Aoife Sweet Oblivion, Niamh New Noise, Peter Toomey, Darren Maloney and Liam McCreith. Tickets are €5-10. Clickey here for more infomatics.

    Dance: Last year, I remember coming home from a late night out and turning on the television while the kettle boiled. While flicking around I came across the most extraordinary piece of television that had me staring at the screen, jaw set to slack. A man and woman were dancing around each other underwater (the impression being given was that they were mother and son) in one of the most unexpected and effective pieces of performance art I had seen all year.

    This, it turned out, was Deep End Dance, by David and Madge Bolger, real-life mother and son. David Bolger is a co-founder of CoisCeim dance theatre and a stage version of this film is now touring the country. Swimming With My Mother is at the Dunamaise Arts Centre in Portlaoise tomorrow (Friday) before heading off around the country. Click here for further details, and here’s a lovely short on how the original film was made.

    See: Last night Pygmalion opened to fairly spectacular reviews in the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. This is the first time the George Bernard Shaw classic has been staged in the National Theatre, and no effort has been spared in this elaborate production (you can read Peter Crawley’s review in tomorrow’s newspaper). I haven’t seen it yet, because last night I was too busy getting my jazz on over at 12 Points, but next week I’ll be going along, and so can you, because the lovely people at the Abbey have given Pursued by a Bear three pairs of tickets for next Thursday, May 12th’s show to distribute in a fashion we see fit.

    To be in with a chance of winning, simply email lmackin@irishtimes.com with the answer to the following easily Google-able question (not that you need to, whipsmart readers that you are): What popular Broadway musical is based on Pygmalion? Drop us a line with your name and contact details, and winners will be notified via a message from the gods. Or perhaps an email. How’s that for a little nugget of weekend loveliness?

    • Thank you, this column answers my question from yesterday about what I could do while I am in Dublin this coming week. The Twisted Pepper sounds like fun. So does Pygmalion, it has been ages since I last saw this play.

    • Laurence Mackin says:

      Folks, thanks for all your entries for the Pygmalion competition, the winners have now been notified.

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