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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: February 25, 2011 @ 12:01 pm

    If you only do one thing this weekend . . . get political

    Laurence Mackin

    Go: No doubt you’ll be getting your vote on today (assuming you haven’t already), but the count is where the real entertainment is to be had. That’s when the knives come out, the upper lips are set to stiff, and the blood drains from the faces of certain candidates when they realise with horror they have been abandoned by their people – and after all they’ve done for them.

    Political animals Leviathan have organised a party to welcome in the new Dáil in Dublin’s Sugar Club this Saturday, with live count coverage, food, music, comedy and more satire than you can shake a polling card at. Expect to see Barry Murphy, The Emergency: Live and Colm O’Regan in action, with commentary from Constantin Gurdgiev, Stephen O’Leary, Veronica Walsh and Mick Fealty. Tickets are €12.

    Take in: Imma has just ended its admirable survey of Irish art of the 20th century, so it’s good to see it breaking some new ground now, with its exhibition of the work of Romauld Hazoumé. He is one of west Africa’s leading artists, and marries an inventive, expressive approach with a sharp, politically powerful motivation. Born in 1962 in Porto Novo, in Benin, Hazoumé garnered attention with sculptural pieces based on plastic jerry cans, to deliver a commentary on the petrol trade in Nigeria. His slave-ship installation La Bouche du Roi has also travelled the world and cemented his reputation as a leading artistic light. The Imma show focuses on his jerry-can works, but the theme running through all his art is that slavery is ever-present; it may have changed shape and appearance but it is just as much a problem in today’s world as it was in the colonial era.

    See: Druid Theatre has been touring the world of late, so it’s good to see The Cripple of Inishmaan back up in lights in Dublin’s Gaiety theatre. This early play from Martin McDonagh has plenty of barbed wit in its script, but there is poignancy in places – though on the opening night, the crowd was more caught up in the comedic elements. It’s a smart play that might have a few audience members wondering what they are laughing, or if indeed they should be laughing at all, and it is little wonder that Druid has won a slew of awards and international plaudits: the ensemble is powerful, the production is impressive and it rattles along at a canter. A quality piece of theatre then, that is highly entertaining to boot.

    Listen: The biggest shindig of next week is no doubt the Choice Music fandango, but if you can’t get through the weekend without getting some live tunes into your bones, could we recommend Vessels? The UK band are bringing their live show to Dublin’s Workman’s Club tonight and The Quad in Cork tomorrow night. Expect intricate math rock with the sensibilities of Sigur Ros and the muscle of Mogwai. Yum yum. But don’t take our word for it – if you’re quick you catch them at 1pm today in Dublin’s Tower Records, or let the lads do their own musical talking by opening your ears to this.

    That’s our selection for the weekend that is before you. We’re off on holidays for a week so blogging service will be intermittent at best. Enjoy the break; we will.

    • Page 8 of todays Irish Times give full candidate list whuich is very informative, however its a pity the correct info was not shown regarding the number of seats in each of NEW consitiuencies.
      Thanking you

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