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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: February 10, 2011 @ 7:36 pm

    If you only do one thing this weekend – get slammed

    Laurence Mackin

    Get slammed: There are times when you struggle to find something out of the ordinary to go, see or do in Ireland. This is not one of those times. Last week we mentioned the Upstart initiative, which is hoping to harness the current political energy (or turmoil depending on our point of view) to create some exciting artistic activity. On Saturday night, it is holding an event that promises to unite two of the more, ahem, misunderstood sectors of our, ah, arts world: poetry and American superstar wrestling. Indy superstar wrestlers Duncan Disorderly, Kevin Rocks, Lord of the
Manor and Phily The Kid will be bringing the pain, with Dave Lordan, Stephen
 Smyth, Kit Fryatt, and Karl Parkinson providing the poetic prose. Tickets are €10 and it’s a bring your own refreshments policy, at The Complex on Smithfield Square in Dublin. For more information, click here. At last, you can wear that Mexican wrestling mask you bought while traveling around South America on your mis-spent year off from college without feeling like the social outcast we all know you are. But please refrain from smacking the poets with a chair. Because those guys will own yo’ass in a heartbeat.

    Take it back – Yeats is the bomb

    Go see: We’re not going to bang on about this one at length, because it has been reviewed and written about to the hilt already. But if you haven’t yet seen this perhaps overly extensive survey of the arts in Ireland from the 1900s to the 1970s, then you have until Sunday to get your skates to Imma in Dublin’s Kilmainham and get to grips with The Moderns. This is a brilliant, sprawling show that would be a shame to miss.

    Read: Ebooks. Yes I want one, but I can’t help thinking they herald the end of something very precious. But the thought of being able to carry a few books (or a few hundred) around in a slim package is deeply tempting – that said, I wouldn’t have the guts to prop up a bar, pint poured and waiting for someone while reading an ebook. For that purpose it just has to be real, raw paper. Which is part of the reason I was delighted to come across Penguin’s latest publishing wheeze, the Mini Moderns series. To celebrate 50 years of the Modern Classics imprint, the company has produced a set of 50 slim novellas and short stories that will easily slip into a back pocket. They cost €4 a pop or €180 for the full set (though we have seen this set much cheaper online). More tactile and less conspicuous than an ebook? Definitely, and every bit as enjoyable.

    Listen: With so many gigs on, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up, but there are few things worse than that sinking feeling you get when, while sitting at home murdering your intelligence with Come Dine With Me, you suddenly realise you have forgotten a completely cracking gig that has already been on for half an hour. Such was the dilemma on Tuesday night, when I realised, shortly after an ill-fated amuse bouche, that the Zoe Rahman Trio was in town. Jazz, like a tricky starter, is a cruel mistress. Luckily she is touring the country, with brother Idris Rahman as a special guest, and this weekend you can catch her astonishing band in Cork tomorrow (Friday); in Wexford on Saturday; and in Navan on Sunday. For further details of this extended Irish tour click here, and to send you off into the weekend with a snap in your step and a click in your fingers, check out the trio in action below, recorded for that John Kelly fella over on Lyric FM t’other day. And my lord doesn’t that woman just have a lovely smile? We might slightly be in love.
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