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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: November 4, 2010 @ 6:09 pm

    If you only do one thing this weekend . . .

    Laurence Mackin

    Listen to: Oh misspent youth – if only you had been misspent in a much more disastrous fashion, we could have had the drug-filled, booze-soaked, Z-list-celebrity-decorated biography banged out by now and retired to the Lebanese hills on the proceeds. But instead, the most you could manage was listening to some (admittedly very fine) loud music, most notably Therapy’s Troublegum. And tonight, they are returning the favour of your teenage adulation by playing the album in full at Vicar St. Top class.

    But this is not a blog that lives in the past, clinging desperately to its dwindling youth (well, apart from on Tuesdays). We are firmly about the future. So Sligo is the aural destination of choice where tonight Young bucks Halves will be playing tracks from their sumptuous new album It Goes, It Goes in the Model Arts Centre. A perfect combination of venue and act, we reckon.

    See: It’s good to see the country getting properly angry for a change. Apathy be damned, we’re an active lot, and if you need reminding what a small group of determined people can achieve, then look no further than Strike!, which ends its run on Saturday at the Samuel Beckett Theatre in Dublin. It tells the extraordinary story of the traders on Henry Street who organised a boycott of South African goods in 1984 to bring attention to the Apartheid regime. There’s nothing like a little homegrown revolution to stir the blood.

    Take in: Over in Galway, they don’t do the arts by half, and right now another feast for the eyeballs and the mind has taken over the city. The Tulca season of contemporary visual art is bringing local and international exhibitions, unexpected live-art performances and discussions and talks with artists to the tribal people, and admission is free to all events. Get lost in the 48ft maze, learn how to move mountains with Francis Alys, or pick a fight at one of the series of talks. See tulca.ie for more details.

    I’ll do the time, I swear to god. If it’s good enough for Fraser Crane …

    Try and steal: Okay, don’t try and steal this stuff, but believe us you’ll want to. Sometimes furniture can be just as beautifully made and easy on the eye as a fine piece of art, so check out this pop-up shop in Dublin’s Gallery One by Fuse. It is a selection of vintage and salvaged furniture, many of which are in classic, familiar shapes that bear more than a passing resemblance to some classic design pieces (there are few crimes I wouldn’t commit for an original Eames chair. Honestly, I’m open to offers.) This is a neat tie in with Dublin Design Week, which winds down this weekend. See designweek.ie if you haven’t already, and check out the Design Trail to get the most out what there is still to see. 

    So that is our little list for the weekend that’s in it. Feel free to have your two cents worth but declare an interest where you have one. And to set you off into the sunset here is the rather splendid Temper by Strands. Aaaaaah, now that’s all better isn’t it? Cure what ails you, that will, cure what ails you. 

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