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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: October 11, 2010 @ 4:44 pm

    The latest from the DTF, and the greatest band ever

    Laurence Mackin

    Some shows are always going to split an audience in two, and one of the shows guaranteed to be divisive on this year’s Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival programme was Factory 2. Part of the festival’s Polish strand, the 7.5-hour epic is the creation of Krystian Lupa, and is inspired by Andy Warhol.

    Sara Keating writes that the first act is “deliberately confrontational”, with actors hurling insults about place, and what follows is “gratuitous nudity, genital objectification, a lesbian orgy, inane repetition, and little evidence of any joy or passion among the collaborators of one of the most famous artistic collectives”. It seems designed to shock but instead Keating found it simply boring, and a few moments of genuine theatrical insight could not make up for a “deliberately indulgent and maddening performance”. Ouch.

    Sara also went to Watt over the weekend, a condensed adaptation of Beckett’s 1945 novel. There are witty touches, she writes, but the play “remains an exercise in language games”. She adds: “Beckett was foremost a writer for the stage, and this adaptation might have done better to celebrate the theatricality of his novels.”

    You can read these reviews in full, and more arts coverage, here.

    And now with news of a different sort – tomorrow sees the arts pages coming over all rock and roll. A few weeks ago I set a handful of Irish Times critics a simple challenge – pick their ultimate five-piece rock band, with a few rules and regulations thrown in to keep things interesting. You can read their selections on tomorrow’s Arts pages and I’ll be throwing them up in brief here. But in the mean time, come up with your own band, and post them on the blog comments section tomorrow. Be warned though – no band will even get within a guitar solo of my crack musical outfit. Check back tomorrow to learn your lesson.

    • Andrew says:

      The Lenihan Brothers on Guitar. Brian on lead, soloing off into the ether. Conor on rhythm, only hamstrung by his lack of reliability and his wish that he could be lead. Really only in it for the chicks, .

      Mary Harney on Bass. You always need a girl on bass. If possible, she must be a little over weight and look a little but dykie. Both boxes ticked.

      There are any number of blow-hards that could play the sax, but let’s go for the biggest; Paul Gogarty. He likes to blow his own trumpet.

      The Greens in the chorus. I can think of no better place for them in mini-skirts, cheer leading.

      And the lead singer? Well, Brian Cowen would bring the un-paralleled, hard partying intensity, but could anyone understand what he was saying? Does that matter? Surely, Nirvana proved that lyrics are only another instrument, and frankly, I can’t think of anyone who’d want to hear what he was actually saying.

      I’d have said Bertie, but I understand that he’s busy with R Kelly, filming the next part of Trapped in the Closet.

    • Art rock’s arrival, is my favorite style of music

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